Choose the Right Type of Car Service According to the Requirement


There are different types of car service and each involves specific types of jobs. Therefore, it is required for you to know about all these types, the jobs that are done and choose the most suitable one that is currently required by your car. Moreover, you should know that your entire car along with all its components and parts does not need to be serviced every time as certain parts will need servicing at regular intervals and some will not. Assuming that none of the components fail suddenly requiring immediate attention and repairs in between the scheduled services, you will need several other services at times. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the concept, need and method will enable you to take the right decision. 

Types of Jobs Done in a Service 

There are several types of jobs that are done with a specific type of car service by the mechanics and that includes: 

  • Normal service routine – This includes repairs, maintenance and other types of car service.
  • Specialized services – This includes works done on the air conditioning, crash repairs, auto electrical, diesel repairs, LPG installation, engine reconditioning, EFI service, trunk repairs, dynamo tuning and much more.
  • Services to ensure safety – These types of services include wheel alignments and balancing, tire and wheel servicing, brake and clutch services, specific trailer or caravan service and other safety checks of the vehicle.
  • Car Repair
  • Support services – Such services include towing service, general repairs, mobile repairs, inspections, preventative maintenance, and upgrades. 

Need and Purpose 

The primary objective of regular car service is to check about the worn-down parts that require repairs or replacements. Some checks like oil and brake pads are done regularly while spark plugs and fuel filter check may be occasional. You should always refer to the manufacturer’s manual to know about such ‘service intervals’. All these checks and servicing are done with an aim to ensure proper functionality of the car as well as to ensure that you are safe within it when you ride. It is also done with intent to eliminate the chances of any unexpected breakdown to increase your inconvenience. 

The Service to Choose 

Ideally, there are three levels of car service available, Interim, Full and Major service and you can choose one or combination of such services according to the need.

  • Interim service is recommended usually after every 6,000 miles of drive or six months, whichever is earlier. This is done to increase the mileage of the car.
  • Full service, on the other hand, is recommended after every 12 months or 12,000 miles of ride, whichever is earlier. In this type, refills, replacement and a host of other checks are done to ensure better motoring.
  • Professional Car Servicing
  • Any Major Service is done after every 24,000 miles of a ride or after every 24 months. This is a comprehensive service that includes all aspects. 

Benefits of On Time Service 

There are lots of benefits of conducting on time car service apart from the proper functionality and safety aspect which is considered to be the primary reasons. You should have your car service to have the proper value for your investment and to make it useful and effective. A car running for its full life expectancy with minimum repairs will provide the maximum return for your money. This will also help you to keep the car in shape to fetch a better price when you want to sell it off.  Apart from that, the benefits of regular car servicing include saving money on fuel with better fuel economy. Therefore, choose the right car service as per the time and requirement.