3 Signs You Need A Transmission Repair


A car’s transmission is one of the most important, central, and complicated components of the vehicle. It houses a number of electronic parts that are controlled by computers and a number of sophisticated hydraulic components. All these parts work in an integrated and complicated manner to transfer the engine’s power to the car wheel for moving forward. The current set of cars, especially the ones that run on front wheel technology are complicated and take a lot of money and time to be repaired.

The 3 top signs that indicate the need of a transmission repair are-

  1. Leakage of Transmission Fluid
  • If the car owner notices leaked oil on the floor of the garage, he/she can place a cardboard under the car to check if there is any fluid leaking from the vehicle.
  • The color of the transmission fluid can be either bright red or brown. If the owner suspects that the fluid is leaking from the car, it is time to take the car to a mechanic who is a specialist in transmission repair. Along with checking the transmission system with the help of a dipstick, the user must also ensure that the area around the car’s radiator and the air ducts are not obstructed in any way.
  • Dirty fluid reduces the effectiveness of the transmission system and has the potential to damage the car as well.
  1. Slips In

If the car owner suddenly notices that that the car is running in a higher gear when a lower gear is applied or the driver runs the car in a lower gear if a higher gear is applied, then it is time for the car to be taken for a transmission repair. This condition is very dangerous as there is high chance of the car steering going out of control. Hence, the car owner should not take this lightly and keep the car in mint condition.

  1. The Car Doesn’t Respond Very Quickly in the hands of The Driver

The transmission should be able to rapidly move into the gear position and make the car to move forward when the gas pedal is pushed. If there is any kind of delay in the movement or if the owner or driver hears a whining noise, then it is clear sign that a mechanic who is a specialist in transmission repair should be looking at the car for a thorough check up.  There should be no delay when the driver engages the car’s transmission system.

  • Overall, it is very important for the car owner to understand that the transmission system should be kept in top condition. In order to achieve this objective, the mechanics working in the transmission repair shop should be adequately qualified and have a lot of experience in this field. Many shops in the market specialize in transmission repairs and should be able to handle most of the problems related to transmission faced by car owners.
  • It is also important to detect the transmission faults on time. Whether it is manual or automatic transmission, it is very important to notice the problems in transmission and then taking the car to a well-certified transmission specialist is also important.
  • It is important to decide whether you want to replace or rebuild the transmission. Only an expert automobile transmission specialist can help you out in this matter.

Apart from all these, the simple case of your vehicle getting overheated is yet another clause when you definitely need a transmission rectification specialist. Continuous and forceful stop and go of the vehicle or excessive loading of the vehicle can increase the temperature, giving rise to transmission problems. So it is important to hire a knowledgeable transmission repair specialist right at the initial stage, to deal with the problem.