4 Tyre Care Tips to Avoid Emergency Tyre Services


Tyres are an essential aspect of a car. Without tyres, the car would not even move an inch. Even though tyres are this important, the least attention is given to it. Tyres have to have accurate inflation pressure all the time while driving to be safe on road. There are several tyre care tips you need to take at regular intervals. Also, while receiving tyre services, you have to be sure of looking for a quality mechanic who is an expert in offering tyre services. Tyre service is generally sought during emergencies like having a flat tyre or a damaged tyre.

But, to avoid needing tyre services, there are several tyre care tips that you need to keep in mind. Tyres seem to be durable, but they do need regular attention which we fail to offer. You can ask your car mechanic to offer you tyre service and inspection during every car service. Also, make sure to change your tyres after a span of 4 to 5 years based on your car usage habits. Here are all the easy to follow tyre care tips to avoid having to spend on emergency car tyre services:

#1. Keep a check on inflation pressure:

There is a fixed tyre inflation pressure level recommended by the car manufacturers. This pressure level is ideal while driving the car. So, you should regularly keep a check on this pressure and try to maintain that level. High tyre inflation pressure can cause the tyre to burst and low pressure can give you a flat tyre. A properly inflated tyre is so designed that it can resist getting punctures. A tyre with less inflation pressure is less resistant to punctures. So, to avoid getting stranded in the middle of the road looking for tyre services, it is better to maintain the recommended inflation pressure in your car tyres.

#2. Keep checking for damages:

It is difficult to spot any damages in tyres until you pay close attention. Tyres do get damaged during minor as well as major accidents. But, while you are busy getting other car parts repaired, you sometimes forget to notice your damaged tyre. A damaged tyre is extremely dangerous while you are on the road. Also, with damages in tyres, the fuel economy of the car lowers, causing it to consume more fuel. The car performance lowers due to this. If the damage is ignored for a long time, it can escalate, and things can go seriously wrong while driving. So, to avert accidents, tyre service and care are essential.

#3. Tyre balancing:

 All the 4 tyres need to be balanced in the same plane to offer the best performance. When there is a lack of balancing, the car vibrations increase, and the suspension bearings and the steering system face a lot of wear and tear. Every time you get your tyre replaced or get any other tyre service, make sure that you ask the mechanic to restore the wheel balance. Look out for these signs of unbalanced wheels:

  • Vibration while driving
  • Uneven and rapid tread wear
  • More stress while steering on the front-end parts

#4. Tyre tread:

Always keep a vigilant look for tread wear and tear on your tyres. The Australian Government has set a legal tread limit, below which the can will be deemed unsafe for the roads. A car with worn out tyre treads reduces the friction between the tyres and the road, thus making the car dangerous for driving. The car can go out of control while driving at high speeds.

All these tyre care tips can save you frequent tyre service costs and even make your car safe for driving on the roads.