A Guide to Basic Vehicle Servicing


The modern automobile has around 30,000 separate components and in order for the vehicle to perform as it should, it requires regular servicing. For those who are new to motoring, here is a basic guide to vehicle servicing.

  • Engine Oil Change – The engine oil needs to be changed at specified mileage intervals (see owner’s manual), along with the oil filter, and with experienced MOT in Leeds, booking your car in is easy. The properties of engine oil diminish over time and by replacing the oil with the right type, your engine will always be protected.
  • Checking Fluid Levels – The power steering and brakes use hydraulic fluid, and the levels should be checked on a regular basis. If your car is due for an MOT, the servicing can be carried out just prior to the MOT testing.
  • Checking Belts for Tension – There are several belts that need to be checked for wear and tear, as well as correct tension, such as the fan belt and alternator, which will ensure that sufficient charge is sent to the battery.
  • Anti-Freeze – Prior to the cold winter months, you need to make sure that the radiator has been topped up with anti-freeze, which prevents the system from freezing when the car is left overnight.

The best way to ensure correct servicing is to ask the garage where you purchased the car to maintain it as and when necessary. This will go a long way towards keeping the vehicle in tip-top condition and you can rest assured that your car is always ready for use.