All You Need to Know about Car Wrapping


Have you seen few cars that are having a chrome-like finish or are creating an optical illusion through camouflaged print? You can be pretty sure, that these cars have used vinyl wrapping instead of conventional paints. Car wrapping is a fast-growing trend that is catching the automobile customization industry, as it changes the attire of a car temporarily, as and when you feel like, without committing to any long-term changes like a make-shift tattoo on your car.

Defining a Car Wrap

As defined by the expert mechanics of the Henderson Acura dealership, a car wrap involves the treatment of the car exterior body with several layers of vinyl decals to bring about a drastic change to its appearance. Till now the most popular and common design options found in car wrapping are, an overall glossy color, a particular color gradient, giving it a matte finish, having the effects of chrome metallic color, and sometimes full-on graphics implementations, that are based on the price it costs.

It is common to take car Wrapping by mistake of a car paint job, as apparently, they show no difference to the passers-by. But the difference lies in its temporariness, because car warps can be removed later leaving no impact on the paint that is originally existing on the car body, while a car paint job is permanently done and can be changed only by removing the existing car paint.

Who Needs a Car Wrap?

Unless one has a fascination on making his car look different and trendy on every other day, and don’t have any budget restriction for the same, nobody really needs it. But car wraps proved to be extremely beneficial when it comes to promote businesses through mobile advertisements.

How to Remove a Car Wrap

There might be several  reasons to remove the car wrap and go back to its original paint, it could be a new advertisement banner that needs to be applied, a new color or wrap you want to put on, or simply want to sell off your car with its original paint.

To assure you the removal process of a car wrap is as easy as pulling off a sticker, provided the wrap is intact. Otherwise, you might need a professional help to do the same.

Maintenance of a Wrapped Car

The best way to make your car wrap last is to keep the car protected from long exposure to extreme weather conditions. Saying that we mean to say, that you need to keep your car under cover for the maximum hours possible. Till the wrap is on, it is better to handwash your car with soft microfiber based towels. The experts at Henderson Acura dealership recommend using waterless car wash product and avoid automatic car washes.

Ideal Car condition for a Wrap

If you are thinking the car wrap will serve the purpose of covering up a faded or bad paint job, then you are wrong. Although the car wraps up the original paint of the car, a car wrap can only be applied if the car paint is in a good condition, otherwise the wrap will not have the desired finish.