BMW Cabin Air Filter Change – BMW X3 | How to Help


This is a short explanation about how to replace the cabin filter in a BMW X3. The instructions and the part recommended below should be applied to 2004-2008 models but have a look under the hood and make sure you have the right side during the replacement. Replacing the X3 cabin filter is a quick task that requires no tools and only takes 10 minutes and should save you some money if you ask for the cabin filter replacement.

How many times to change your cabin air filter?

We are not really sure the BMW recommends but most of the filters require changing every 20,000 miles or so. This really depends on the driving conditions and finally how dirty the existing filter is so sure that is not a bad idea.

It may be helpful to check the filter at least every year and clean the dirt accumulated under the filter if it does not need to be replaced.

You can also remove the air filter to check its dirt. In this case, stir the filter a bit to remove dust from the surface and assess the condition of the part, remembering that the original color of the air filters is usually white or light yellow. If it is very dirty, you will need to replace it or wash it.

Replacing the original air filter assembly with another model, such as “sports” versions, is not recommended either. These products usually offer less restriction to the air flow, in order to guarantee more power. The problem is that the easiest way to achieve this gain is to use materials that filter only the larger impurities.

Request a new BMW cabin filter

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The process parts

Basically just connect each of the 90 degree push bolts to loosen the cover, lift the cover up and then lift up and remove the old filter. Clean the area under the filter if it is dirty. There is a small cardboard strike in the center of the black plastic filter structure that fits into a notch in the camera body, insert the new filter with that side and so the tab fits into the notch. The sides of the filter will adhere to the walls of the carton. With the new filter securely seated close the hood and push each of the bolts back and turn 90 degrees to rise.

That’s it, you’re done. Breathe happy!