Buying A Sedan- Few Things You Must Be Aware Of


The sedan is considered as a four wheeler type that comes with a conventional trunk design, but in some cases, four door hatchbacks are also included in this category. Usually sedans are available in four basic sizes namely compact, subcompact, midsize and full size or large. Apart from that, there are some models, which don’t fit into any specific group. Hyundai Sonata is the example of mid-sized sedans. You can get more information about this vehicle by communicating with a Turnersville Hyundai Dealer.

So, if you are planning to buy a sedan, then this article offers some guide, which you need to be aware of to make the right purchase. Let’s get the details:

  1. Cost: Usually the compact and subcompact sedans cost less while compared to the midsize, economy and luxury sedan models. On the other hand, the costs of large family sedans are much less than the costs of the exotic ones.
  2. MPG and performance: The engines of sedans can be of different types starting from the three and four cylinder engines to five, six, eight and even twelve cylinder engines. Besides, there are all electric and hybrid vehicles. Actually, the influx of new technologies and designs are enhancing fuel economy in these sedans. It means that the midsized sedans are now getting the fuel economy, which was used by the compacts earlier. In this context, we can take the example of Hyundai Sonata, which is a mid size sedan and have a four cylinder engine, which is really compact. You will find out this feature on the 2017 Hyundai Elantra for sale.
  3. Features: Luxury features like automatic climate control, rearview cameras, Smartphone interfaces, heated seats, keyless smart systems, Bluetooth capabilities and navigation systems are mostly found in the non-luxury quality sedans. So, it is necessary to look for these features while you shop. Besides, you must also check the differences in the type of seat adjustments and number of seats along with the unique storage solutions while shopping for a sedan.
  4. Safety features: The family shoppers should look for the safety features like front-seat side airbags, antilock brakes, stability control and full-length side curtain airbags as standard on every sedan vehicle. Besides, these days, rearview cameras are also considered as a standard feature while there are some high-tech electronic features, which warn the inattentive drivers of impeding collisions and blind-spot intrusions. These features have also strictly migrated to the mainstream brands from the luxury realm.
  5. Roominess: Mostly the sedan cars can transport up to four adults with great comfort. But families with five members or taller members should invest in a large sedan.

All Wheel Drive: The buyers need to pay some extra for AWD in case they drive regularly in snow or in slippery conditions. Although the weight penalty of AWD is just minimal in the latest vehicle designs, but there can be some compromise in the fuel economy. A few sport sedan models feature AWD to increase stability and control during speedy maneuvers.