Buying Chain Slings for Building and Construction

Chain Slings

If you work in building and construction you will be familiar with chain slings as they are the most commonly used type of sling for lifting and rigging applications today. There are a variety of chain slings on the market with different grades and materials used for different applications, however, it is always important to only buy high-quality chain slings to ensure high levels of safety on the worksite. To help you make the right decisions about the products you buy, here we look at what a chain sling is as well as some of the most important factors to focus on when buying one.

What Are Chain Slings?

Chain slings are used for a range of lifting and rigging applications on building and construction sites, as well as in a variety of other industries. If you need to lift something very heavy, like a concrete slab, there’s a good chance that a chain sling will be used. These lifting and rigging essentials are available in a range of lengths and grades and can be combined with a number of attachments.


There are stringent regulations in place about the use of chain slings in the UK, so it is very important to make sure the products you buy meet the latest government standards. The most common grades of chain slings are Grade 6+, Grade 8, Grade 10 and Grade 12.

Grade 6+ – This grade is used in chemical process plants, the food industry and a range of environments, including fresh water, waste and marine.

Grade 8 – The most common grade used in the UK, Grade 8 chain slings are used for a broad range of rigging and lifting applications.

Grade 18 – This grade delivers 25% more lifting capacity than Grade 8 products, which has seen them become more widely used in a range of industries.

Grade 12 – Delivering 50% more lifting capacity than Grade 8 chain slings, Grade 12 products are used for the heaviest lifting and rigging applications.

As you can see, there are many different grades of chain slings in use today, so businesses which have need of such products need to have a comprehensive understanding of their requirements. This is a reason why you should always buy chain slings from a leading manufacturer as you can be sure that you will be provided with solid advice that ensures you buy the right products for your needs.


As government regulations have been put in place to protect workers and minimise risks on worksites, it’s very important to ensure that the chain slings you buy meet the latest government regulations.  If an accident was to occur on site due to the use of the wrong item, it would become a criminal matter, so businesses really need to ensure the right products are used. To access information on regulations, you should visit the relevant government sites and seek advice from a reliable supplier of chain slings and related products.

Use these tips to make the right decisions about the chain slings you buy.