Buying Vehicles? Get a REVS Check


The government of Australia issue PPSR and REVS check certificates on the vehicles like car, motorcycle, trucks etc. It helps for people who aspire to buy second hand motors. These certifications are approved and trusted. Any new buyer would need to know all about the vehicle he or she intends to buy. The seller may fail to provide complete history. Hence, these certificates are necessary. You will know how it works on the . Visit the site and find more.

Table of Contents

What is REVS check?

It provides history of a used vehicle till the current date. The prospective buyer needs to know the vehicle identification number to check the history. Even if you do not have this number, there are ways to check its past. It contains the information indifferent categories.


The report provides information of financial encumbrances including secured parties and their contact details.

Accident/ Damage records

The report also provides updated information about accidents, or damage due to any other source, like storm or floods. Further, it gives details of its inspection too.

Theft records

You will get to know if the vehicle was stolen anytime. Besides, you will know of its number plate or engine thefts, if any. Sometimes the seller may conceal this type of information. But, as a cautious buyer you need to be aware, so that you don’t get into any nuisances later.

Vehicle details

The report contains complete data of the vehicle. It includes the registration number, year of registration and number plate. In addition, it mentions the manufacturing company, year of making and model. It also provides minute details like the body type and vehicle classifications. Further, it gives vehicle engine number and compliance plate date. With all this information, you can be assured of getting the best vehicle in your name without any problems. Check a sample on

REVS check gives you results within minutes. Further, it is not expensive at all. You will get the information you require, in your mailbox, as PDF files. What is special about these reports is, you do not need to visit any registration office, or compel the seller to give more information. You can get these details online just with a Rego number or VIN. These reports are not only fast but also completely reliable, as they are approved by the government. This process is hassle free and thus, you can check it at ease and buy the right vehicle.