Can Toyota be the surprise winners at this year’s BTCC?


The start of April saw the beginning of the British Touring Car Championships, a spectacular motoring event with action packed races right through until October. Compared to its relatives across the sport, the BTCC is completely unique as both professional and amateur racing enthusiasts go head to head, in order to secure first place when the championships come to a close. The event takes place across England and Scotland, with some of the most famous tracks hosting some of the races. From Oulton Park in Cheshire, to Silverstone in Northants, there are plenty of opportunities for racing fanatics to witness the teams battling it out against each other.

This year’s championships are proudly sponsored by Kwik Fit and for many fans attending the event, you’ll be able to witness the Toyota Corolla enter the championships for the first time in the race’s history. To celebrate both Kwik Fit being headline sponsor and the Corolla making its debut in the championships, they’ve both teamed up with racing sensation Tom Ingam, to compare the differences in the road version of the Corolla to the BTTC model.

Toyota Corolla 2019

With a sleek design and modern interior, the road version of the Corolla is the perfect car for everyday use. The model has been fitted with a powerful 2 litre engine, providing an attractive 180+ brake horse power and can hit speeds of up to 112mph. The most appealing feature of this vehicle is its advantages when it comes to fuel economy, as believe it or not, the model is actually a hybrid. One of the main factors people look at when it comes to buying a car is its interior and technological features. The 2019 model boast a number of modern interior features, including heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity and a navigation system, just to name a few.

BTTC Toyota Corolla

A number of changes had to be made in order for the Corolla to be race worthy and with good reason. The vehicle needs to be as light as possible so it can travel around the tracks at high speed. The BTCC model has been stripped back, meaning its interior consists of only the required features and no stylish mod cons. Like the road version, the BTCC model has a 2 litre engine but there’s a distinct difference when it comes to top speed and BPH. As it’s travelling around the tracks, the Corolla will be able to hit a maximum speed of 150mph and provide a powerful 360+ BHP.

Enjoy the races!

To give the Corolla the best possible chance of winning the championships, it was essential for Toyota to make changes like these and more. You can see the differences between the two models and how Toyota had to modify the BTCC version in order for it to be race worthy. We’re certainly looking forward to watching the championships unfold and it would be great to hear if you’re going and who you’re backing. Feel free to join in the conversation on social, using #KwikFitBTCC and tagging @Kwik­_Fit.