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Car scratch repair. What should you know?

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We all know that the time spent on the road can affect the car in different ways. For example, dents or other damage may appear on its body. You can easily remove scratches on a car on your own. Nowadays you have the opportunity to buy a wide range of various means for removing scratches from a car and painting damaged areas, irregularities, and chips.

Experience shows that cuts on the bumper are the most widespread types of scratches. Also, chips often appear on the doors of the car. If you find scratches on your favorite car, you don’t need to run to the auto workshop immediately. Sometimes, you can do removing scratches from a car easily by yourself.

Before starting the process, you should know the following important information regarding the car surface.


  • Layer 1 – lacquer
  • Layer 2 – base enamel
  • Layer 3 – primer
  • Layer 4 – phosphate
  • Layer 5 – steel sheet

Before repairing chips and scratches, try to identify the degree of damage. First, determine its depth.If you understand that the scratches are insignificant and the steel sheet is closed, you can start working on your car’s surface.


  • removing scratches without painting using a special masking pencil
  • removing scratches from the body with plastic polishes

Nevertheless, if you are not sure in your abilities or damage is quite big, it will be better to apply to specialists for car scratch repair.



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