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What to Expect When You’re Getting Pulled Over by the Police

It’s happened to nearly everyone who’s been on the road, sometimes more than once. Those flashing lights can be jarring, if not completely nerve-wracking. No matter what the reason is that you’re getting pulled over by the police, what you do next is crucial.

The good news is this: getting pulled over is extremely common. In fact, the police pull over roughly 50,000 drivers per day, so it’s pretty standard procedure. Still, when it ends up happening to you, it’s important that you handle it appropriately.

Keep reading to learn what to do when you’re pulled over by the police.

Put on Your Emergency Lights

The first thing to do when you’re getting pulled over by the police is to put on your emergency lights. This will communicate to the other drivers on the road that you will be slowing down and attempting to pull over. It will also signal to the officer that you are in compliance.

Find a Safe Place When You’re Getting Pulled Over by the Police

Once you’ve activated your emergency lights, the next step is to find a safe place to pull over. Keep in mind that both your vehicle and the officer’s will need to fit in the space.

If possible, it’s best to find a parking lot or side street so the officer can safely access your vehicle. If you’re on the highway or interstate, you may pull off to the right side provided there is enough space. Never park your car on the left side of the road, as this is illegal and potentially dangerous.

Shut off Your Engine

When you’re getting pulled over by the police, it’s important that don’t give the officer any reason to believe that you’ll try to get away. This is why you should shut off your ignition as soon as you’ve found a safe place to pull over.

Roll Down Your Window

Once both cars have stopped, the officer will emerge from the vehicle. Roll down your window to speak with him or her.

Be Calm and Respectful

Even if you don’t believe you should be getting pulled over by the police, it’s important to stay calm and be respectful. Listen patiently and don’t argue or act defensive.

Produce Documents Upon the Officer’s Request

After the officer has explained why you’re being pulled over, they will likely ask you for your driver’s license and insurance policy. This is where having the right documents in a safe place, such as your vehicle’s glove box, comes in handy.

Be sure to inform the officer where you will be reaching to retrieve the documents. Otherwise, they might think you are reaching for a weapon.

Wait for Instructions

The officer may issue a citation, or they may let you off with a warning. Either way, wait patiently and do not argue.

Drive Away Slowly

After the officer has returned to their vehicle, you are free to leave. Drive away carefully and slowly.

Getting Pulled Over

It’s never a pleasant experience to get pulled over by the police, but what you do can have a big impact on the outcome. Now that you know what to do, you’ll be prepared if it does happen.

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Facts about DUI Attorneys

When you’re charged with a DUI, it can feel like a hopeless situation. However, there are lawyers who specialize in defending people charged with a DUI. Here are some facts about DUI attorneys.

1. DUI Charges Vary

Penalties for DUI charges vary by state. Some states are relatively lenient and others are harsher. Because of this, it’s important you bring support into your defense. A DUI attorney based in Arizona will be experienced in Arizona laws and how to argue your case. Because an attorney with experience defending DUI cases is intimately familiar with his or her state’s DUI laws, he or she will be able to help you build a solid defense and work to get your charges or penalties reduced.

2. Free Consultations

Free consultations are a common service DUI attorneys provide for prospective clients. You can take advantage of a free consultation to meet the attorney, determine whether you’re compatible and ask any questions you have before committing to working with him or her. You can also use this time to explain what happened and include any necessary details of the event. It’s important that you be able to make an informed decision when hiring a lawyer to defend you.

3. Plea Deals

Many DUI cases end in a plea deal. Your DUI attorney will likely suggest you look into a plea deal in order to reach a compromise and minimize the penalty rather than go to trial and risk conviction. The goal of a DUI attorney is to reduce the time you need to spend dealing with the case and avoid the worst penalties like incarceration. There are different types of plea deal depending on how many prior DUIs convictions the defendant has been charged with. If a first DUI conviction would normally result in a $1000 fine, a potential plea deal might reduce that fine to $500. Additionally, sometimes a DUI can be reduced to a reckless driving charge through a plea deal.

4. The Defense

There are a few common avenues DUI lawyers will typically take when defending you. Often, the goal is to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. DUI lawyers will look for deviations in arrest protocol, the legality of the initial traffic stop and blood alcohol test results, among other things. Typically, the first thing an attorney will do is file a motion for discovery, which requires the state to turn over all evidence it has on the case for the attorney to study.

5. Questions To Ask

There are several questions you should ask when you’re thinking of hiring a DUI attorney. Ask about the attorney’s background and training. How many DUI cases has he or she argued? Does he or she have advanced training or education in DUI law? Is he or she familiar with the prosecutor for your case? Be sure to ask about fees, too. Finally, ask about the attorney’s opinion on your case’s outcomes after you explain the details.

If you have been charged with a DUI, make sure you consult an attorney who specializes in defending this type of charge. Find someone with extensive experience to handle your case.

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Perfect road trips for film fanatics and TV lovers

When it comes to the production of modern-day films and TV shows, we’re led to believe there’s no expense spared. Whether it’s using the most advanced technology to bring prehistoric creatures to life or filming in some of the world’s most exotic destinations, millions of pounds are invested into film and TV to make both the viewers and critics want more.

When you watch a TV series like the hugely popular Game of Thrones, you’d wonder how a story set in a fictional period of time can be filmed in the modern-day and be brought to life so effectively. Although technology plays a massive part in this, it’s also the locations used for filming.

From luscious beaches in the Bahamas to rustic shacks in the Australian outback, the setting for a film or series can make or break how realistic and successful the product will be. We’ve all got a favourite film or TV series, whether it’s an action-packed movie or a comedy filled series; but has a specific location ever crossed your mind whilst watching it?

A mixture of seven films and TV series have been selected by Tyre City, who have created a road trip for each one, allowing you to visit some of their iconic filming locations across the globe.

Experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter

For any Harry Potter fans you can walk in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione right here in England. The majority of the locations picked for filming were across the UK, but to experience some of the best on a road trip, Tyre City have picked 5 locations in the south of England. Staring the trip at King’s Cross station in London, you can capture a picture at the famous platform 9 ¾. You’ll also get the chance to visit London Zoo, which you’ll remember is the place where Harry talks to the boa constrictor and Gloucester Cathedral, the perfect picture opportunity as this contains the original Gryffindor common room door.

Step back in time to the land of Ice and Fires you experience the Seven Kingdoms

Northern Ireland played host to a number of scenes in the popular series, Game of Thrones. For any fans wanting to visit some of the filming locations, this road trip will take you to some of the best and most recognisable. The house of Greyjoys or Dunluce Castle as it’s known in Ireland is where you’ll begin your trip. After that, you’ll then visit locations such as Ballintoy Harbour, which you may recognise as the backdrop for the Iron Islands, as well as Cushendun Caves, better known for being House Baratheon’s territory. For the true Game of Thrones experience, this road trip is the perfect answer.

Experience some of your favourite locations from film and TV

Creating a road trip based on your favourite film or TV series can be easier than what you’d expect. Whether it’s close to home in the UK or further afield, there are famous locations which you’re sure to recognise from the big and small screen. With the right amount of research, you can tailor a road trip to include some of your favourite filming locations.