Eon-Scooter –The most Affordable Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

The new Eon-Scooter is an incredible new electronic motor vehicle invention.  It has climbing power of forty-five percent torque; a maximum speed limit of forty-five miles per hour; and the battery charge can last over fifty miles!!

Your daily commute has received a transformation with the new Eon-Scooter.  This scooter has the option of sitting or standing modes, as well as the most power and speed of any other scooters available in the marketplace today.

The Eon-Scooter was built and designed in San Francisco; this scooter overshadows all other scooters currently available with a superb energy, robustness, and cost-effectiveness that surpass any other scooter in existence.

Using the Eon-Scooter as your newest mode of transportation will not only help improve your carbon footprint, it will also make your ride to work less sweaty than a traditional bicycle ride, and you won’t have to fight for a parking spot in the company parking lot or garage area.

There are three different models of the Eon-Scooter to choose from.  The Eon Scooter uses the same lithium cell batteries as the Tesla Model S.; with three options available to fit every lifestyle.  There is the ultra lightweight; the compact mini; and the eight inch Pro or Ultimate Power.

There are three different tire options to use on this electric scooter—that is the “all terrain” (tubeless pneumatic standard and pro); the “road tire” which is the (tubeless pneumatic standard pro & mini); and the Honeycomb which is a standard tire (pro & mini).

To all the supporters of the Eon-Scooter, we are offering a free folding mirror; which is a mirror that attaches to the handlebars of the scooter and folds freely to allow complete visibility and provides safe cruising wherever you go on your new Eon-Scooter.

When you order a electric scooter built by Eon-Scooters, you are guaranteed to receive one that has been build to your specific needs, and to cut back on the fees charged by most warehouses, we will ship it directly to your home.  By keeping out manufacturing team small and limited, we are able to keep the prices low and affordable.

This Eon Scooter has been created for those enthusiasts who crave a fast and durable scooter.  The Eon Scooter was designed to endure even the steepest hills of San Francisco; with three settings for speed, allowing the scooter to reach its full maximum of forty-five miles per hour.

The Eon-Scooter offers two options for riding on this efficient ride; you can either opt to stand, or you can put the seat up and you can sit for a more comfortable ride.   The rider also has the option of “cruise control” after eight seconds of riding at one speed, the scooter will automatically “lock in” to that speed; and by a simple tap of the thumb, and cruise control can be disengaged.

If all this sounds too “good to be true” just come in to a local Eon-Scooter dealer and try one out for yourself.  This electric scooter could be your newest alternative to commuting to and from work.