Exterior Styling and Interior Luxury of the new Genesis 2019 G90


Genesis as a luxury sub-brand of Hyundai and it has reached the pinnacle of popularity for delivering vehicles that are definitions of refined luxury. The refinement of taste can be observed in the 2019-year model of Genesis G90 right from its exterior styling even from a distance. But as you go nearer and nearer, even the smallest of the details will make you realize the attentive work of art that the latest G90 stands for. Genesis has thus declared the G90 model of the 2019 edition as the full-size luxury flagship of the brand that has one focused purpose, and that is to sense and gratify all the needs of the consumers for whom cars are more of a luxury symbol than mere daily commute.

Exterior Styling

When I was looking on the web for the best Genesis dealer near me, the name of 2019 Genesis G90 as a collection of distinctive subtler touches that creates a strong impression of magnificence at every patch when you look at its exterior styling. As it approaches near you, the Genesis logo will be the first to catch your eye through its projected stance on the ground while the puddle lights with lit up the way to alert the driver of any puddle or unseen objects laying on the path to avoid a harsh ditch. The same system will help you enter the cabin saving the passengers from stepping on any hurting object. To enhance the spectacular scenario of the stylized exterior of the G90, a Power Tilt-And-Slide Sunroof with Power Rear Side Window and a pair of Rear Sunshades add up to the list.

Interior Luxury

To stay focused on the promises it made while releasing the latest 2019-year model of G90, Genesis has left no stone unturned to make its interior a plush seating cabin that anybody would like to linger at. The careful, attentive art work can be observed, sensed and felt everywhere. The points that made it ride over its rivals is the premium leather seats, adjustable ambient lighting, power soft-close doors and hands-free smart trunk that assure that you don’t have to lift your finger to get things done at your end.

To pamper the driver, there is an ergonomic 22-way adjustable driver seat that contours around constantly to provide the best supporting posture that will not let you get fatigued even after long hours of drives.

Luxury Features

The Hands-Free Smart Trunk that comes with Auto Open Feature, the Power Door System with Soft-Close Doors all work on the basis of Sensors that can automatically detect when the doors are not properly shut are close them on the behalf of the driver or the car occupants. The soft close is not only to enhance the level of passenger safety, but also to make everyone feel a comfortable touch when they enter or exit the cabin.

An expert at the Genesis dealer serving Ardmore, showed us the interior of G90 that featured Heated Leather Seats with Available Ventilation and an Integrated Memory System making the interior of the latest G90 exceptionally luxurious.