Helpful Motorcycle Training Tips


Being able to ride confidently and safely should be the goal of every bike rider, and passing the required two-part test will teach you those skills, as well as helping you earn your motorcycle license. Once the theory part of the test is completed, you’ll have up to two years to complete the test’s practical section; your theory test certificate will expire if it isn’t completed within this timeframe. Passing both sections demonstrates that you meet the standards for riding that are set nationally.

The Practical Test

One of the best motorcycle training tips suggests taking the time for some extra training from an experienced and qualified instructor before taking the practical test. This additional and useful extra training is offered by many approved and respected training schools, although you should make sure the whole of the practical syllabus is covered before signing up.

More Useful Motorcycle Training Tips

If you ask the test center that you choose to go with, they may be able to give you a one on one lesson, which can be useful for anyone feeling in need of extra help. Most CBT courses are conducted with two students to one instructor. And give yourself time to relax and learn the material, as it’s worth remembering that the course isn’t required to be completed within 24 hours.

If you are booking your lessons and you don’t have your own protective trousers and jacket, that training center may be able to supply them. As you probably know, weatherproof gloves and jacket, a helmet, and boots are important parts of the correct safety attire for riding.

The Cost of CBT Courses

 It will cost you £15 for the DVSA Module one test, while you should expect to pay £175 for an instructor to take you if you have a large motorcycle. This will take a half-day. Plan on spending between £99 and £129 to take your CBT course. And plan on spending £175 for an extra day of practical training if you feel it would be helpful; this is after you have completed the CBT and theory tests. Everything you need is included in that fee, including helmet, gloves, hire of a bike, insurance, and petrol. The DVSA Module two test, in which an examiner goes with you on the road, costs £75 although a half-day with an instructor if you have a large bike, will cost £175.

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