How To Deal With The Car Overheating In Summers


Even after you maintain the car and takes care by bringing it to the car servicing at certain intervals, there comes a time when it gets heated up in the middle of a journey. This interruption not only spoils your mood but also kills your precious time.

What if this happens when you have to attend an important business meeting or something essential that cannot be ignored? There can be many reasons for that. It can be due to the complication in the cooling system or the overuse of the car engine. It can be anything.

Anyway, it will cost you and that is why to save your money and time, read the steps to adopt if your car engine heats up and does not allow you to move further for your important actions.

Inspect The Bonnet Well

Is your bonnet covered with the hot steam? This must be the first thing that you should find out. Park the car to a side of the road and check it properly. If there is steam then it can be a sign of leakage in the radiator hose.

Also, stay away from the bonnet if it is releasing the smoke. It can be really dangerous. Let it cool for some time and then open it. Put the ignition off and check if there is something blocking the radiator from the front or not. In case, after taking the necessary actions, you are thinking about hitting the road again with the car, wait for approximately 20 minutes.

Carry Water With Yourself While Travelling

Travelling with water is essential. Make sure that you always have extra bottles of water in your car. Water helps in the cooling process of the car engine. Travel with a jug as well. The low level of coolant is basically the cause of the heat up. So, water is used to calm down the heat. The distilled water works better as it contains fewer minerals. But in case of emergencies, any water will work, distilled or not!

It Can Be a Leakage Of Some Sort

At times, pouring the water to reduce the heat does not help. This is because of the leakages in the car. There can be a crack in the hosepipe or complications with the radiator which must be dealt with. There are few measures which you can adopt here.

  1. Use the duct tape to repair the torn up portion till you reach the car service centre or garage.
  2. If the crack is near the pipe edge then tear it off so that the entire pipe is not replaced.

Turn The Heater On

During summers, the use of air conditioner increases and this puts pressure on the engine. To cool it off, turn the heater on and the blower should be at its highest speed. It is advised to open all the windows of the cabin and move the vent towards those windows. This will help in keeping the temperature of the engine low so that you can easily head towards the repair shop.

If your car is stuck in such a situation and the bonnet is hot beyond your imagination then the issue is quite larger. Take it seriously. You can take the help of the car service providing companies online like Express of Walton Limited as soon as possible.

It must be kept in the mind that the above tips are not permanent solutions and it is important to get the servicing of the vehicle done. There are other problems also that can lead to heating up. For instance, misfunction of the water pump etc. If you do not pay attention to such problems of the car then it will definitely lead to the destruction of the engine. You surely do not want that happen.

It is always advised to pay more attention towards getting your car checked from time to time. Also, get the radiators checked. If you will not take care of it then there are high chances that the radiator will get choked up easily and this will further cause you trouble. As it is said that the prevention is always better than the cure, you do not want to waste your time and money in getting it fixed every-time.