If you are going to buy a second-hand car or a used car, then you must do the car inspection, before buying it. It is a mandatory task before sealing the final deal. Generally, people sell off the used cars when it is of no use. Hence, you end up buying a junk. However, sometimes, people need to move from one place to another, and they do not want to take away an old car to that place, so they sell it off. Though, there can be any reason to sell the used car, but you should always be careful before buying it. You need to inspect the car thoroughly before investing in it to get the best deal.

Car inspection

In order to buy a used car, the things that need to inspect before making the purchase are: 




While buying the used car, keep the rest factors aside, it is necessary to go along with your trusted mechanic for the inspection. Only an expert can diagnose the condition of the engine. You may not know about the technical aspects of the engine. Oil leaks, exhaust manifold, head gasket, valve cover, etc. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to take the mechanic along, while going for the inspection of the used car.




Look for any damage at the latches and hinges of the doors of the car. Check the scratches, the normal ones or the deep ones. Though, the external appearance of the car has nothing to do with its functionality, but it matters. It grabs the attention and makes the first impression.




Well, this is something of utmost importance. It will tell you, how well the condition of the car is. Try to examine not only the driver’s seat, but also the other parts such as seat belts, electrical features and accessories, windows locks, power operation, wiper and windshield washer, lights etc. Check the signs of wear and tear in any of these things. It may help you to decide on your purchase decision.

Car inspection

Car Inspection



Pay close attention to the condition of the tyres. Your mechanic can help you in this. Check for any uneven wear, as it is the signal of the problem of alignment. Moreover, your mechanic can also detect the mechanical defect and any cuts in the tyre. So, this is one of the major aspects to inspect the used car.



Necessarily, you need to check the meter, which indicates the distance car has travelled. The used car must be bought depending on the mileage it has covered. The less the distance traveled better will be its condition. Timely service and maintenance of the car also play an important role in this.




This is mandatory in the car inspection list. You have to be sure whether the car you are buying run on a petrol, diesel, or gas. Buying a gas engine is of no use when there is no gas station nearby your place. Hence, it is also an important factor to look upon while doing the inspection when buying a used car.
On the other hand, while inspecting the used car always ask the owner for the test drive. It will give you an idea of the functionality of the car. You can check the steering response, noise, and smoke, brakes effectiveness, and other such important aspects of the car which need to be determined during the inspection. Therefore, keep these factors in mind when you do the car inspection of the used car before buying.