Is Your Teenager Son Now Ready to Learn Driving?


For most teenagers, learning to drive the car at this age is the most appropriate time, however, many parents may not be serious about their rights. As a result, many teens take their own initiative and join a driving school and try to learn driving and get passive support from their parents. 

In Australia, car crashes are one of the leading reasons for deaths, particularly among teenagers. Therefore, the rate of car insurance for these newly qualified driving license holders are also quite high, due to the higher risk factor considered by various insurance companies.

Quite a few of the 16-year-olds may plead their parents to help them get driving lessons, but not all of them may not be fully ready for learning how to drive. Most young drivers may not have any idea how difficult it is to learn, and how much time they need to devote to learn lessons, and also focus and concentrate on driving.

AAA has therefore introduced this new keys2drive free lessons, which are meant for the new drivers and also their parents and supervisors together. LTRENT also offers its services through trained and accredited instructors available with them.


To be eligible to undergo driver’s training the candidate must be at least 16 years of age or older and must hold a learner driver’s license offered in Australia. Also, the supervising driver and parents must hold a valid Australian driver’s license.

What is needed?

  • The complete personal details of the learner driver
  • A valid email ID of the learner
  • Mobile phone number of the learner driver 
  • Learner’s permit number
  • Supervising licensed driver who may be a parent, friend, or any family member.

How to book?

  • Visit the website and select the button ‘Book online’ 
  • Enter the entire details that are asked and select the button ‘Register Now’.
  • You will get a text message with the free lesson ID.
  • You can select your keys2drive instructor.
  • Contact your instructor and quote the free lesson ID.
  • You can book a necessary time for you and also your supervising driver.

What is involved?

As soon as the topic of driver’s education courses or talk about written tests is mentioned for obtaining a driver’s license then it can put off many teenage drivers. Most teenagers often consider all these lessons as too ‘boring’ stuff. The idea of learning about road signs, road rules, and what one should do or not-to-do during an emergency. 

Usually, most teenagers have got absolutely no idea about the costs of buying a car, and how much costs are involved in maintaining a vehicle, and also how expensive it may be for basic repairs or maintenance. 

Few teenagers may beg for learning driving lessons, and after that, they totally lose their interest after driving once or twice. Quite a few of them may also be too nervous to even take their very first lesson after they are asked to sit behind the wheel for the first time. 

This is where the necessity of driving school arises who can offer necessary orientation to learners. The teenagers need to be slowly inducted into driving so that they are not nervous and feel more comfortable while driving.