Know Various Types of Tipper Trailers


Are you looking for a tipper trailer for your construction site? Are you confused in choosing the most appropriate tripper trailer as per your requirement?  If yes, you are not an exception. Tipper trailers have often been confused with dumper trucks. Although, both the equipments are used for transporting things from one place to another, the tipper trailers are easy to operate. They are much smaller in size and can be attached and pulled by any other vehicle just like a regular trailer. The tipper trailers are broadly divided into two major categories; viz. hydraulic tipper trailers and electric tripper trailers.

4 Types of Tipper Trailers

Tipper Trailers

#1. Hydraulic Tipper Trailers: The hydraulic tipper trailers are sturdier than the electric variety and are used for heavy lifting. Owing to its heavy-duty frame and structured framework, you can rely on the hydraulic tipper trailer. The steel hub and taper roller used for the manufacturing of the hydraulic tipper trailer makes it affordable and is easy on maintenance. The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder works in all conditions, making it appropriate for any working condition. The axle is used within the design capacity of a hydraulic tipper trailer.  

#2. Electric Tipper Trailers: They are meant for much lighter loads and can be used for short-term projects. While purchasing a tipper trailer, you need to decide whether you want a hydraulic tipper trailer or an electric tipper trailer. But it is not enough, you must also decide if you want a rear tipping trailer or a side tipper trailer.

#3. Rear Tipping Trailer: They are commonly used to carry construction material and offload towards the back area. They can be used to load industrial raw materials. The rear tipper design is meant to facilitate the offloading process. Once the back of the trailer is locked, you can load your cargo in that position. Once you reach the destination, the front side of the tipper trailer gets raised and the cargo drops off from the back. The bucket of your tipper trailer is built with a thick steel plate to sustain the weight of the cargo. Thus, the tough steel plate prevents the cargo from damaging the trailer. The Rear tipper is suitable for cargo with a large rest angle.

#4. Side Tipping Trailer: As the name suggests, in this trailer the goods are offloaded from the side. You can use it in construction sites for transport of solid building materials such as sand and stones among others. Side tipping trailers are made with some neat tricks. The side tipper makes use of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors and a dump-bucket to one side. The remaining side can remain open or close as per your convenience. This side tipping trailer is a best option in areas where there is not enough space. Thick steel plates are also put in place to prevent damages that may occur on the trailer during the offloading process.  The side tipper trailer can load more than the rear tipper trailer.

During the process of selecting a tipper trailer, you should not forget to match bottom dumps, side dumps, end dumps, pups and transfers to the type of work you are doing for maximum efficiency.

Also, you must do your research well on durability, weight and payload capacity of the tipper trailer before you acquire one. They are available in the aluminum and steel variety; the choke must be made depending on the kind of function you want the trailer to perform.