Preventative Maintenance For Used Trucks

Preventative Maintenance For Used Trucks

Preventative maintenance is essential for any truck. Whether it’s a new or used truck, you can do preventative maintenance before the vehicle’s warranty expires. Pre-service inspections can save you from major problems down the road. Check the brakes and fluid levels. These are some of the most commonly neglected aspects of vehicle maintenance. Here’s how to check the vehicle’s maintenance records. And, of course, it never hurts to ask the seller about their history!

Preventative maintenance

You should consider implementing preventative maintenance for your used trucks. This way, you’ll avoid unexpected problems that can cause you a lot of money and downtime. You’ll also know when to take your truck in for repair and avoid unexpected downtime. You can also use preventative maintenance to save money on unexpected repairs. Preventative maintenance is a great way to avoid unnecessary expenses and to maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Pre-service inspections

Even if a used truck is still in good condition, pre-service inspections can be extremely beneficial. They can help uncover hidden damages and maintenance needs that you otherwise would not know about. This pre-service inspection can cost less than $100 and uncover everything from missing brakes to major damage. Listed below are some of the most important steps to perform if you’re considering purchasing a used truck. The first step is to find the proper location for the inspection. Ensure all the specifications are correct on your vehicle and on the line-setting sheet. The next step is to log all the information on the vehicle’s components.

Checking fluid levels

To make sure that you have the right amount of coolant in your used truck, you need to check the fluid levels in the radiator. Look for the coolant tank’s wording on the radiator cap. This will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The coolant may be blue, green, or red. If you’re unsure, water is also a good choice. However, water will freeze in the winter and doesn’t provide any corrosion or deposit prevention.

Checking brakes

There are several ways to check the brakes of a used truck, including performing a free-play test and using the pushbar gauge to measure the range of motion. Anything going wrong would lead to a visit to a truck accident lawyer. This measurement allows you to determine if the brakes are adjusted properly. However, you need to make sure that the slack adjusters are lubricated. Make sure that the pins are not loose or stuck in the clevis. Measure the brake chamber size and make sure that it is at 90 to 100 PSI.

Checking suspension

While performing used truck maintenance, you should make sure to check the suspension. A proper suspension is a key component in keeping the vehicle level on the road. Checking for excessive play is an indication that a component is failing. To check if a part is failing, shine a flashlight on it or put a gloved hand on it. A broken bushing or oil leak from the shocks could indicate a problem. Other signs of a failing suspension are excessive rotational noises or a vehicle that is not tracking straight. Getting an alignment check is a good idea for fixing any problems with the vehicle’s suspension.

Checking fuel system

Checking the fuel system for used truck maintenance is an essential task. Depending on the type of used truck you’re buying, this step can require removing the fuel lines. However, most vehicles use quick-release style couplings, which make the process simple and painless. Using a wrench with a slotted opening and a flange that pushes into the coupling will make this step a breeze.