Road Trips: Important Car Checks You Shouldn’t Forget


If you are going on a long road trip, it is imperative that you have your vehicle checked prior to driving. The last thing you need is to break down in a remote part of the country because you failed to check your vehicle before departing. If you need car repairs in Kent or any other part of the country, book your vehicle in for an appointment prior to going on a long trip. Professional auto shops offer a broad spectrum of repairs and services, this a short list of what they can do for your car.

  • Check the brakes
  • Examine the exhaust
  • Inspect the engine & gear box
  • Perform an oil change
  • Fix electrical faults

All you have to do is get in touch with a local company and discuss your needs, they’ll be able to run a comprehensive diagnostic on your car to ensure it is safe and ready for your upcoming road trip.

Table of Contents

Key Inspection Points

  • MOT

Along with keeping your car properly maintained, you should also check your MOT status. You’ll inevitably come across checkpoints, so you must have all your documents in order. You can be heavily fined for having an out of date MOT certificate, so check before you depart.

  • Tyres

A car garage will perform this task for you if you bring your vehicle in for an inspection, but you can still check your tyres when you leave on the return leg of your journey. Check for any damage such as cuts, cracks or bulges.