Save Yourself the Hassle with Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy wheels can make rather an impact to the overall look of a car. Further, it can make a big difference in the performance of the vehicle.

For many years, cars and truck makers have hinted from the appeal of specialized alloy wheels and have chosen to install modified wheels for their stock cars. Alloy wheels have now become increasingly common in most modern vehicles. That said, the prevalence of the latter has brought to light several issues regarding its upkeep.

Alloy wheel repair work

It is a typical misconception that alloy wheel repair is nearly beside complicated. The majority of people think that it can be a total waste of effort and cash. However, alloy wheels can be repaired to a high degree. Alloy repair remains, in reality, a well-studied operation. Numerous professional wheel repair work companies can undertake the task altogether.

Common alloy wheel problems

The most considerable damages that can impact an alloy wheel are radial runout, lateral runout, and fractures. These damages will not just make the wheel appearance unsightly but also significantly affect the car’s driving efficiency. Let’s take a more detailed look!

Radial runout affects the balance of the tire across its size. This results in the tire moving up and down concerning its central axis while rotating. Lateral runout is damage that affects the balance of the tire across its width. Lateral runout is frequently left undiagnosed as the tire can look true; however, balance testing will show otherwise. 

When it comes to lateral damage, it will typically be irreparable if there is significant deterioration. Fractures, depending on the location, can be fixed. Still, in certain extreme cases, it is more secure to get a replacement alloy wheel than to utilize one that has undergone alloy wheel repair. Such cases are relatively rare and only recommended as a last resort (if the alloy wheel has suffered extensive and irreparable damage).

Fix for non-forged wheels

Alloy – wheel repair is typically recommended for wheels that are non-forged. Forged alloy wheels are more robust and can also be more pricey. Most of the time, forged wheel repair work merely includes having the wheel refinished. Two-piece and three-piece alloy wheels are likewise more prone to harm as the wheel’s outer lips are commonly made of softer alloy materials.

When is the right time to get your alloy wheels repaired?

The very best time to plan for alloy wheel repair work is during the warmer months. Generally, alloy repair work can take anywhere from 3 to five hours, depending on the damage level. If you want to reduce the damage, utilize high pressure, mainly when using low profile tires. Nevertheless, it is essential to make sure that the wear of the tire is still even.


Alloy wheels are a significant investment for a vehicle. That’s all the more reason to take good care of it and make sure that it lasts a long time. It is fortunate then that services that specialize in alloy wheel repairs can help you do just that!