Simple Instructions from Vehicle Specialists: How to Preserve Your Automobile and Get the Most Out of its Lifespan


It goes without saying that we – as non-mechanics – don’t have the wherewithal to utilise high grade lifting equipment to change out tyres, weld a broken muffler, or maintain the suspension system.

But, you should be cognisant of the self explanatory, basic care procedures that every nonprofessional can act upon with very little difficulty.

Weekly and Monthly Routines

Reading through your owner’s handbook might seem like a demoralising chore, but there is a lot of good information in there – the type of information that can bring you into harmony with your vehicle’s unique needs. After skimming through the manual, you can start on the following tasks:

  • Scan your tyres for any nicks or protuberances in the sidewall, and then use a cheap tyre pressure device to ensure that they’re filled according to your guidebook.
  • Turn the car off and let it sit for a spell. Then remove your oil stick, wipe it with a rag, slide it back into the reservoir, and pull it out to see the motor oil level. If it’s below the requisite marker, transfer some approved oil into the tank.
  • Make sure that the metallic fasteners on your battery are firm and stable.
  • Check the rubber implements on your windscreen blades for any incisions, inadequacies, and defects.

If you have a feeling that something is out of order or on the fritz, don’t let it become a thorn in your side. Swing by the trusted vehicle body shop in Torquay for your affordable once over.

Have Faith in Your Car Experts

Monitoring your automobile and keeping tabs on its functionality will enable you to curtail the financial impact of compulsory repairs, because timely detection is the holy grail of vehicular upkeep.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open year-round for glitches behind the wheel.