So, You Wish to Hire a Crane?


The building industry is naturally acknowledged as being an ever blossoming business and its growth is due to the combined efforts of demand and supply and the latest in modern machinery. All construction projects from the smallest to the largest require the use of professional modern machinery so as to get the job completed perfectly.

The Humble Crane

As all of you out there already are aware, cranes are heavy equipment, which are employed in practically all building projects and are used to hoist and lower a whole range of different materials from one place to the other.

Before cranes entered the scene, the entire job of material transportation and lifting was conducted by mortal human hands, which used a lot of manpower, were costly and in many cases took a great deal of time to build.

Modern Times Means Modern Equipment

Nowadays, every single type of and size of construction company needs various different kinds of cranes to carry out building work according to the demands of the project. A number of companies offer professional contract lifting in Manchester, and can provide a full range of quality cranes to suit every requirement which is necessary for a client’s job.

The question here is which company in your area is the best and most reliable for a crane hire? This is obviously an important question because a customer only wishes for a reputed company that can provide the best crane services and cranes. So below are a few tips for you to consider:

Experience in the Game

When you’re looking at selecting a reputable and trustworthy crane service, experience should be high on your list. A company’s past experience is crucial, so make sure to visit their website and see how long they have been in the business.

Type of Equipment

See what they have to offer and check on the age of machinery and how well maintained they are. Ask the company for a crane’s servicing and maintenance record, and always check that a crane is working properly before you take it to your building site.

Matters of Safety

Another important thing to mention here is to find out if a crane operator is available and included in the price. All experienced and professional companies will have on hand an expert operator who will be able to specialise in handling all of their machines.


Naturally, the costs involved with hiring a good crane are going to be of importance, so find out what the price is in advance by making a call or using their website. Any crane hire service which doesn’t provide a quote in advance should obviously be avoided!

After getting the quote, confirm about if there will be any extra charges involved and if so, what they are. Get everything down in writing and preferably with the crane company’s name on it.

By carefully choosing the right crane company, your project will go just fine.