Steps Behind a Professional Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars


Nano ceramic coating has several benefits in the long run for the life of the vehicle. That is why it is gaining so much popularity so quickly. However, to get the best results, you need to avail the coating service from a professional service provider like Ceramic Pro. Professional coating and body paint service providers like Ceramic Pro follow an extremely strategic process coating.

Here are the 5 major steps involved in the Nano ceramic coating process for cars.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Type of Coating

A professional service provider will usually have access to various types of coating products. It will help you choose the right one according to the paint finish on your car. Usually, the coating products are different for glossy and matte paint finish.The durability, bonding as well as the type of protection offered by different coating products also varymildly.

Step 2: Cleaning the Car with Foam

After choosing the right products, the professionals clean your car thoroughly with soap and foam. They use power washing equipment to do so.

Step 3: Drying the Car and Cleaning It Again

A coating film cannot be applied on a wet surface. Therefore, the professionals dry the car with advanced drying equipment and clean air. They cannot afford to let it dry in a still air since this process might attract a lot of dust. Therefore, they dry the car in a highly controlled environment with clean air.

Step 4: Nano Ceramic Coating

After drying the car, the professionals finally apply the Nano ceramic coating. They use high-tech tools to apply multiple thin layers of coating and primer. They also apply a special bonding agent that speeds up the bonding process.

Step 5: Baking and Finalization

After applying an even coat, the professionals finally bake the car under IVR lamps for several hours for the bonding process. Only professional coating service providers have access to the right equipment for a wholesome and safe coating process.

Ceramic Pro – Your Professional Coating Service Provider

At Ceramic Pro we use SGS certified high-tech coating process to provide an extremely safe and even coating for the surface of your car. Our coating products use chemical bonding for the curation process to ensure an extremely tough and safe coat on the car. Our products can easily protect your car from acids, corrosion, harsh weather conditions, UV rays, etc. to ensure that it maintains its aesthetic appeal for a longer period.

We use highly recommended and inspected coating packages for coating the cars of our clients. The combination of a high-tech process with the best products in the business allows us to provide the best coating service. To get the more information you can visit .