Symptoms of Draining Car Batteries


One of the morbid facts about car maintenance is that car batteries do die at times when you are the least prepared. In fact we can never be prepared for this unfortunate phase, until we are too meticulous. Though your car can be loyal enough to send you the standard warning signs that its battery is weak, with a slow engine response or through an illuminated check engine light, sometimes, it might betray without a sign. To prevent yourself from that unpredictable trouble, the best way out is to get your car battery frequently tested, while keeping a jump-starter handy to have that extra layer of precaution.

But in this whole scenario what can get really frustrating is trying to understand what could have gone wrong if the battery isn’t that old, and still it has drained out. A quick look at this article can make you aware of the facts you might have not realized till now that aggravated the draining out of your car battery juice.

Ask any expert at a reputable service center like the Smelterville Chevrolet dealer, you will know that if your car battery is older than 3 years, a replacement is naturally due. But if it has drained out before time, chances are there that something was forgotten or been practiced naively without knowing its effect on the car battery. It could be an open trunk, glove box or car door, that has been left overnight. Apart from these there are some more subtle habits that we might have drained out the battery prematurely.

The Sound System

One of the most commonly found reasons that drains out the car battery is the in-built sound system of the car, that is used often during the longer drives. Even though the sound system installed by your car brand manufacturer will not drain out the battery, if you have recently replaced it with an aftermarket system, with too loud a sound output to be heard from quite a distance, it can very well drain out the battery.

To diagnose if the sound system is the issue, disconnect the system and watch if that makes the battery respond better.

Car Key fob

The recent keyless entry system in cars are using key fobs that use proximity sensors. To make that function  the car battery has to be always running. Th keyless entry system involves a key fob along with a receiver that is placed inside your car.  Both are constantly in search of your proximity. Even though this shouldn’t be creating an issue for the conventional car batteries, this system can affect the fully electric and hybrid cars.

Car Alarms

Car alarms that are now much more complex and multiple in number, can be another reason for your car battery draining. In general the car alarms that are installed by the manufacturer won’t actually cause any trouble, but with aftermarket car alarms it is a different story altogether. Even if they are installed correctly, a small amount of power will be drawn by them each time it comes into action and can suck out the power right out of your battery.

Hence the experts like that of the Chevrolet dealer Smelterville will always suggest having OEM parts to save your car battery.