The Growing Crack in Your Windscreen


You’ve got a crack in your windscreen. Every week or so, it seems to be bigger than before. That’s not possible, is it? Well, it’s definitely possible, and it’s definitely happening. The crack in your windscreen is definitely growing and will continue to grow until you put a stop to it. A windscreen is made out of a type of glass that is designed to break into cubes in case of an emergency, which reduces the chances it will cut you if you’re ever in an accident. However, all kinds of glass are made of a crystalline structure. That crystalline structure is the reason cracks grow.

The Growing Crack

Glass is not actually a solid in the traditional sense; based on its properties, it is better described as a liquid. It is just an extremely slow-flowing liquid. It is made of billions of tiny crystals that are connected. So, when that pebble flies into your windshield and cracks the glass, it breaks up the crystalline structure. It basically breaks the bonds between glass molecules. That crack will then grow between glass molecules, splitting them apart over time. That’s why the crack in your windscreen keeps growing. It won’t stop growing until such a problem is repaired. Windscreen repair in Colchester can be done very easily in many different ways to arrest the crack.

Arrest the Crack

If you catch it early enough, a windscreen repair contractor will be able to stop the crack from growing. That can happen in many different ways. One way to stop the spread of a crack is by drilling a tiny hole at the end of the crack. That tiny hole will disrupt the path of the crack as it grows between the crystals of glass. Typically, that will stop the crack from spreading. If the crack is not on the driver side of the windscreen, that’s often good enough. Eventually, you’ll need to replace the windscreen, but it will no longer be an urgent matter.

Fill the Crack

In some cases, the tiny hole is not even necessary. A professional will be able to inject a clear gel into the crack or chip. That clear gel will do the same job as the tiny hole; it will stop the crack from growing between the crystals in the glass structure. That clear gel will be enough to stop the crack from spreading.

If you have a crack or a chip in your windscreen, you should call a professional as soon as it appears; if you call them early, they will be able to fill it or stop it before it spreads. It won’t get worse over time, and you won’t have to replace your windscreen. If you wait too long, they’ll have to replace the entire windscreen itself.