The Latest Innovations in Truck Safety

Truck Safety

Driver-assist technologies are the latest innovations in truck safety. Some of these technologies include air disc brakes, speed detection technology, and rear video systems. Air disc brakes have the capability to slow the truck to crawl in an emergency situation. The Bendix Wingman is another example of driver-assist technologies. It flashes red lights above the speedometer and applies the brakes to match the speed of the other vehicle. This prevents collisions by slowing the truck down to a crawl.

Driver-assist technologies

Among the many benefits of driver-assist technologies are their ability to reduce traffic crashes. Many of these technologies save thousands of lives every year. In fact, in 2019, 36,096 people died in motor vehicle crashes. Most of these crashes were the result of human error. Learn about the benefits of these technologies so that you can make an informed decision on whether to purchase an option package. And remember: if it works, it’s a good thing.

Air disc brakes

Despite the increased safety benefits of air disc brakes, they were once impossible to specify when purchasing a new vehicle. Several truck manufacturers designed variants of drum brakes, which resulted in higher component costs. In Europe, however, the switch to air disc brakes is not viewed as a major hurdle. Instead, many fleets are opting to add ADBs to their vehicles.

Rear video system

Rear video systems are one of the most important safety features on a truck. The camera in the back of the truck is a crucial safety feature that can alert drivers behind the truck to hazards on the road. While most drivers are careful not to pass a truck in the oncoming lane, they may also miss a stopped vehicle in the right lane. In these situations, a rear video system can help avoid an accident by alerting the driver ahead of time.

Speed detection technology

Advanced technological solutions are emerging that are capable of detecting potential collisions before they occur. These systems can brake automatically when an object is detected or alert the driver to use full braking power. Such technology can also filter out non-threatening stationary objects to reduce nuisance alerts and false positives. These technologies are currently available only in passenger vehicles, but truck manufacturers should integrate them into their designs to make them safer for all drivers.

Ergonomic features

Many employers have opted to incorporate ergonomics into their vehicles as part of workplace safety measures. The benefits of ergonomics extend far beyond just safety. Ergonomic aids can prevent injuries caused by driving for extended periods of time. Using ergonomic aids can also help reduce worker compensation costs and fatigue-induced driver errors. These safety features are becoming more prevalent in commercial trucks and other vehicles.

One Last Thing

Keep in mind that when truck safety is not taken seriously by the driver or the trucking company and you are injured in an accident with a truck, you can contact a Manhattan, NY personal injury law firm to help you obtain financial compensation. This is a legal right you have and attorneys will help you get the money you should receive.