Tips from Ford to Improve Daily Commuting


The scenario is all the same through the cities of the urban life, where cars are all stuck in the jampacked traffic, trying to breathe in the polluted traffic congestion, the indefinite wait for the signal to turn green, all this piling up the stress. Finally, when you reach the destination after winning a battle, finding a parking slot, is no less a game of luck than winning a jackpot.

But as technology is advancing in galloping speed, automakers are putting in more efforts to minimize these issues by creating smart mobility alternatives to streamline the hazards of daily commute as soon as possible. Among them Ford has secured its place in the first row to come up with such solutions that can make daily commuting easier than ever before. The idea is to reach you in time, iron out your stress and make the most out of the driving time.
Here ’s how:

Start Early

An expert in the Ford dealer Marion says, if you assume that it will take that average time to reach your office and calculate the starting time, then you are in soup. The traffic is increasing at an alarming rate day by day, so to avoid getting delayed in reaching your workplace, you need to start at least by half an hour than your usual time. This would cut down the tension that you face everyday and leave you to be at peace with the hostile traffic conditions.

Use the Navigation Tool

Nowadays, every car is having its own navigation app in place. But even you are driving an old car, you have the same in your smartphone. Do not feel jittery to use that to guide you to the same known place. It would let you know the traffic in each route, so that you can reroute your journey to avoid being stuck in the traffic.

Take Inner Lanes:

If possible, sometimes inner lanes bypassing the main roads are better alternatives to avoid the traffic and you feel a relief to see some different scenario through the residential areas that would calm your mind too. But make sure you don’t experiment much. To be on the safe side better try this while returning home. But if you know the place well, you can try during the onward drives as well.

Consider Taking Longer Route

According to the Ford dealer serving Marion people would not frequent the longer routes. So, comparatively, you might get those routes emptier, though that might cost a bit more fuel, it would be less stressful for you. Since, you are starting early, it wouldn’t cost you more time. Though it is a costly advice, it is good for your mental and physical health.

Keep the Infotainment On

To keep your mind engaged and composed, keep the infotainment system on. It would update you about the regular news, as well as entertain you when, there is nothing else to do but to countdown the signal time. You can either switch on the radio, or put in the news channel to keep some live activities going on in the dull surrounding.