Tips to Deal with Car Service Challenges


Owning a car requires periodical car servicing to keep the vehicle in good shape and trying to add a few more years to its decaying life span and level of performance. But things do not come out the way they appear at the first glance. The entire process of getting a car serviced involves many tough challenges and here we are to discuss them as well as trying to find a solution that can lower down the risk factors both economically and in terms of effectiveness.

  1. Transparency and Proper Pricing

As disclosed by the GMC dealer Salinas, the biggest challenge that any car owner might face during getting their car serviced is getting the right pricing charged for the amount of work done and transparency in work. Here are few such problems that are commonly faced by people:

Uncertainty about the price charged,

Uncertainty about the correct advice or quality of service.

Unnecessary replacement of the parts, instead of repairing them and thus increasing the charges deliberately.

Uncertainty about the parts used, if they are genuine.

  1. Coverage under warranty and free service

Nowadays all car manufacturers, irrespective of being small or big, are providing a minimum of three consecutive free services with every purchase of a new car. Certain warranties even attach the parts and equipment that are used for the car. The doubt remains in most of these cases, if labor cost is being included in the coverage or not.

The most sound and safe solution to this issue, is getting the offers in writing before you say yes to one dealership for your car maintenance.

  1. Whom to Choose

It is needless to say, that it is always good to depend on an authorized dealer to avail the free services and squeeze out the maximum benefit out of a car. This is so because there you get trained technicians for a particular brand. But the doubt still remains whether one should choose an authorized dealer, a branded chain of local garage or the roadside repair shops. Here’s how to decide:

If your dealership coverage is still alive, do not turn to any other outlet for repairing or maintaining your car.


ing upon the severity of the servicing you need, choose the profile of the repair shop. If you need replacements of parts, trust only your brand repair shops.

Compare the servicing terms with other local servicing centers.

As said by the experts from Salinas GMC dealers, apart from washing, cleaning or painting job, it is always better to choose an authorized dealer failing which you might end up being cheated with car parts or an ineffective servicing even after paying for it.

The Bottom Line

Owning a car is no less a headache than leasing one. To choose from the variety of options available around, it becomes difficult to stick to the guns and keep a finger on a particular dealership for the facilities they provide. The above said tips are the best possible to get things done on favor and finally bring back the car almost the same way you drove it back home for the first time.