Top Seven Hi-Tech Gadgets Your Car Must Have


Automotive tech is proliferating at a considerable speed, hence, making rides safer, smoother, and much more enjoyable than before. A modern-day individual does not need to buy new car for experiencing latest innovations because everything could be easily incorporated in his or her existing vehicle.

  1. Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Electronic logs for truckers or drivers of other transportation allow seamless HOS or hours of service record. This particular device is connected to a vehicle’s engine and provides substantial amounts of information in standardized format. ELD is also exceptionally beneficial as it lets a person save about $705 per year by effectually increasing fuel efficiency.

  1. Dash Cam

Fixed discreetly on inner windshield, dash cam enhances security quotient to a great extent. It records each activity with utmost caution so people can share videos in case of hit-and-run, wreck, or theft with insurance agencies, police officers, and legal professionals. Dash cams are readily available in various online outlets.

  1. Heads-up Display

Glancing smartphone to see turns on road could distract people largely and cause accident. Thus, opting for a heads-up display (HUD) seems mandatory. These project directions in a compact form and make overall driving much simpler. Paired wirelessly with a mobile device, a HUD shows navigation app in front of car, thus, you do not have to avert your gaze.

  1. Adapter

Do you want to know exactly why ‘check engine light’ has been turned on but do not really have time to go to a technician? Well, an automatic adapter can resolve such issues within a very short period. It would inform when you need to oil the inner parts or pour petrol. The said device even gives complete vehicle diagnostics on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Bluetooth Receiver

Over 9000 car owners have until now purchased a Bluetooth receiver and each one of them admitted it to be highly advantageous. The gadget is ideal for streaming music and its sound is crystal clear. Having an in-built microphone, a contemporary Bluetooth receiver lasts for about ten hours without any sort of hassle.

  1. Tire Pressure Assessing System

Now you do not have to lie on the ground and check what is wrong with tires of your car. The tire pressure assessing system has sensors, which let you know if everything is operating properly. You can observe and assess tire pressure 24/7 through this system. For further convenience, download this app.

Are you planning on buying gadgets stated above? If yes, consider relying only on an authentic provider, who assures quality along with affordability. Remember to pay close attention towards features and cost. For instance, people installing ELD must check whether it is functioning properly or not.