Ways to Check the Condition of Your Engine Light


Though checking the engine light is usually a headache for a vehicle owner, but it should not be ignored. Engine light when illuminates your vehicle dashboard, can indicate you all the issues that you may not know. There are a few ways by which you can check your engine light.

What could be the possible issues associated with an engine light?

The light emitted from an engine could be as severe as a bad catalytic converter, or as minor as a loose gas cap. It could indicate a failing ignition coil or faulty oxygen sensor. In Detroit, there are several certified and authorized auto repair centers.  But in several cases, you need to visit a Detroit body shop to find the malfunction and get a car repair done.

Decipher the Code

If you like to go via DIY approach, then there are inexpensive code readers available on the auto repair shops. Reading these codes and finding their meaning on websites that provide “Engine Light Help” would help you diagnose the actual problem. The “service required” light implies that the car needs an oil change or a periodic vehicle servicing.

Why must you not ignore engine light?

If the Check Engine lights appear in yellow, orange, or amber color, then it could be an indication of a serious problem. The color of the light generally depends on the vehicle manufacturer. If the check engine light starts to flash, then it could indicate a serious issue such as quickly overheating of the catalytic converter. Such emissions devices work at high temperatures to reduce emissions but also poses a fire risks if found faulty.

If you find that the engine light is steady and does not flash, then also you should get your engine checked. If the engine light is in lit mode, then there is a good possibility that the vehicle is releasing a lot of pollutants or taking up a lot of fuel. That is not good for the gas mileage.


Checking the engine light is an essential task that must be performed on a regular basis.  With the help of a reliable and experienced auto body shop, would help you in keeping your vehicle issue free and efficient.