Ways to make your Car look Awesome!!

Car valeter polishing dashboard

Most of the car users spend a lot of their time in the vehicles rather than commuting to work, taking their kids for cricket practice or just gathering groceries. We get easily tempted to buy a new shiny car than keep an older car which is much more cost effective. If you think of making small changes in your older car, then you will be able to keep it for a longer period of time.

This means that you will start feeling good about your present car and then there will be less chances to get tempted to buy a new one. Here are some extremely easy ways through which you can make your older car feel like a new one.

Some Inexpensive Fixes

Here are some basic car maintenance tips that would not cost you more than $100 and then the lifespan of your car would increase, making it look good.

  1. Clean and organize your car

Make it a habit that whenever you get out of your car, you clear all the trash that was left behind. It is totally in your hands that do you want to go for a serious deep cleaning by spending lots of money or want to simply do basic dusting once in a month by just spending some time.

Clean and organize your car

There is no such need to buy expensive organization tools. You can always go for Zip lock bags and then it would help you to place all of your car manuals in one bag, car tools in another and can securely place all the other maintenance paperwork in another section.

Now talking about your car exterior, there is no need to have your car waxed to get a perfect shine. You can wash your car once in a week and that would surely make you feel better about it. Get a brush to clean your car wheels as they don’t get properly cleaned up during the car wash.

  1. Replace your Car Floor Mats

The most common thing that gets ruined up and dirty in your car are your car floor mats. If you are thinking of purchasing new mats, then go for weather-appropriate rubber floor mats. Now it would help your car carpet look good than ever before.

  1. Replace your Windshield Wipers

If you live in the area that gets real weather, then you totally know the importance of a good set of windshield wipers. Make it a point to clean your car blades with a microfiber cloth after every few days. Try to replace your car wipers every couple of months. There are some cars which have really weak windshield wipers, and if you really want to see the road, then spend some extra money to get a new set of wipers.

  1. Clean your car windows from Inside and Outside

If you are willing to increase your car’s appearance and visibility while driving your car, then you must clean your car windows from inside as well as outside. If you have kids, then I am sure that the inside of your car’s windows would be surely disgusting. You can also use a newspaper to clean your car windows.

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