What to Consider When Hiring a Campervan?


It is advisable to consider hiring a campervan for trips that last for less than a month. The decision to hire is also influenced by your budget. There are many factors that contribute to the hiring process and it is important that you examine them before you choose a campervan in Brisbane.

Plan Your Travel Schedule

Campervans are made for slow travel usually in the countryside. Take time to plan your schedule so that it fits into the duration of your holiday. Keep it in mind that your aim is sightseeing and you do not want to rush it along. Destinations on a map may seem easy to access but this is not usually the case in reality.

What Is Your Destination?

Determine your start and finish point to avoid aimless wandering and save time when thinking of hiring a campervan. This will also lead you to the best hiring company to use. For general planning, you can use criteria such as tolls or no tolls, motorway travel etc. GPS is ideal for detailed navigation and driving since many camping sites are not found on a map and require the use of co-ordinates.

Is It One Way Or Return Trip?

If you are thinking about a one way hire, go for companies that have multi country locations. This choice however binds you to the company’s rules and regulations and the price for hire is a bit high. Another option to consider is companies that hire on a relocating basis, which is cheaper.


Weather conditions affect holiday camping too. It is most suitable and enjoyable to travel during summer as the weather is perfect and the roads are clear. Nevertheless, this comes at a higher price since it is a peak season in which many campers are on the road. Hire costs are usually lower in the cold winter season.

How Long Will The Trip Last?

Campervans can be hired for time frames between a week, a month and more than a month. A longer hire period translates to a cheaper daily rate. For beginners, a shorter trip is recommended as a trial process before deciding to embark on longer road trips.

Campervan Features

The campervan you choose should have a spacious interior that accommodates features such as: luxurious living room space, large storage space, available beds, shower and a toilet. You should also take into consideration factors such as allowance to hire other items such as tables, chairsand bicycles. Check the physical condition of the campervan to avoid breakdowns in the way. Ensure that the hire company you choose belongs to a particular association, to cater for issues such as insurance policy.

What Is Your Budget?

Budget is the overall factor that influences all other decisions that you make. Ensure that you know the amount that you are willing to spend on your camping trip so that you do not waste a lot of time inspecting campervans that will not fit into your budget. See to it that you purchase all the necessary food stuff and toiletries to last until the end of the trip.