What to Look for in a Good Driving Instructor


Getting your driving licence is one of the most exciting moments of your life, all the hard work has paid off and you’ve passed your test. But before you get to this stage, you have to learn how to drive correctly to ensure you pass the exam. If you’re looking for cheap driving lessons in Taunton, make sure you go to an instructor who has an excellent track record. A good teacher will help you with every aspect of driving, including:

  • Controlling the Vehicle
  • Avoiding Hazards
  • Turning – Basic & Advanced
  • Parking in a Public Car Park
  • Driving on Busy Roads

When looking for a good instructor, make sure you find someone with all of these traits.

Lots of Patience

This is one of the most important things your teacher can have, if they lose their head quickly, you won’t want to be in the car with them. A driving instructor should be patient with all their students, understanding each of their needs.

Plenty of Knowledge

A good driving instructor knows what it takes to pass your driving test, they’ll have several strategies to ensure you learn each lesson correctly. For example, if you are struggling with parking, they’ll approach the lesson from a different angle.

Great Communication Skills

Just because you know how to drive, doesn’t mean you can teach people how to drive. A good trainer will slowly and carefully communicate their instructions and provide clear explanations. In addition to the three skills above, they should also be friendly, successful, confident, flexible, dependable and humorous.