What You Need To Know About Asbestos In Older Cars


It is quite surprising to know that there are many car owners who do not even know what asbestos is, and that can be a big problem. If you found a car in a different country, and you want to import and clean it as well, you can contact https://www.dazmac.com.au, because they offer both those services.

What is asbestos?

Well, those who did not know, asbestos are a component of linings and brake pads, various gaskets and clutch facings. However, usually, that could have been seen in the past car models, as newer ones are not designed in the same way.

Most old car models contain asbestos, so get that checked out if your car is relatively old

Millions of clutches and brakes on trucks, cars and on auto part shelves have this dangerous material even today. Generally, this material is no longer used in the production of new clothes and brakes, but you can find them in some older and newer cars.

It can be dangerous

After this you should already know that asbestos can be quite a scary word for car drivers, even the exposure to this natural mineral can cause a serious illness over decades. Who knew that something so dangerous would be put in an item we use every day?

The workers who do not use appropriate protective gear while working with this material will often get mesothelioma a couple of years later. That is a type of cancer that will affect the tissues in your chest cavity and in many cases it can be fatal. The industry that still uses asbestos in some applications, is the automotive industry.

It is always good to know a bit more about your car

Because of this, there are many companies that offer asbestos cleaning from old cars, for example, you can get Dazmac Logistics to clean asbestos in old cars today, as well as deliver the car from another country to your doorstep if you purchased the car out of state.

Where is asbestos used in cars?

As you could have guessed, there are restrictions where and how the asbestos will be used in the car, but before the current restrictions were made, things in the 70s were different. Many industries actually used this material extensively, which cause a lot of damage to the workers and sometimes to those who drove the car.

In older cars, the inside of hood lines will most likely contain asbestos for example, since the hoot is protected from the engine heat by the hood. This is where you are most likely to find asbestos in your older car:

  • By protecting the car from friction, clutches contained asbestos.
  • For that same reason, that material was used in linings, shoes, brake pads and rotors too.
  • Heat seals in engines also used asbestos.
  • Gaskets that are used in hoses and engine parts contained asbestos which made them more durable.
  • Any insulating material contained asbestos in an older car.
  • Some plastic and fiberglass compounds that are used in a car body were most likely to contain asbestos for a better strength.

Final word

It is important that you know more about your car if you have been driving for a longer period, and you should have it checked by the mechanic regularly. Make sure that you ask you mechanic about the asbestos and if there is any, you should have your car cleaned. Even if you are importing a car, there are many providers who will take care of this problem for you, so check that out.