4 tips to get the best car for wedding


Every person wants loving memories about their marriage and look upon wedding day in future. Wedding day is very monumental day in your life and it is the day when you like to live in style. There are lot of organizations taking place in marriage and they take time.One thing in this day is mostly over looked and left in the last minute that is wedding transport.

According to tradition, it is the responsibility of groom for organizing the transportation of wedding party. But some of the grooms have no understanding and knowledge of exact importance of this day to his would-be-wife. Wedding car plays a great role in making of magnificent entrances and there is nothing to beat the travelling pleasure in opulent style and luxury. So, to select the right car for wedding complements the theme and style of your event. Below are some tips which tell us the ways to get the best car for wedding.

Select modern car

You can select modern models of luxury limousines or vehicles like BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing wedding cars, but make sure about your wedding style and car should be matching with this. If your reception or ceremony is traditional, you can go for classic Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, vintage dodge and jaguar.

An excellent option for choosing wedding cars is that it can accommodate a large party of wedding including stretch SUV’s.

Some cars like Bentley and Rolls Royce can be considered by those couples who want some intimate and romantic experience. These cars will leave a long lasting impression on guests in your wedding.

Consider size

You should determine the number of cars required by you while organizing the wedding cars. Accordingly you should select size and style of cars that how many people can sit in a car. Generally, in classic vehicles, 4 adults can be seated with chauffeur. While in Limousines, 10 and more adults can be seated along with 1 chauffeur.


After deciding the number of cars required, it is important that you should choose one company for handling the transportation needs of your wedding. Some hiring companies have contract with other operators for providing wedding cars. In this, mix ups can occur because more people will get involved in this transaction and it becomes very complicated. So, you must ensure that you select operator owned wedding car.

A company that is established for long time for wedding cars have valuable experience of many years. A company having many vehicles can provide you alternative arrangements also in case of emergency like breakdown of vehicle. You can ask the companies for some references and people also who have got recently married because they can recommend you the good service of wedding car used by them.

Book Early

You should book your car for wedding in advance especially when you lookfor some particular model of vintage.