5 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Big Rig


Extending the life of your truck can keep you on the road longer, but it can also keep you safe on the short runs and long hauls. One way to lengthen your big rig’s life is through timely maintenance. Not only will proper maintenance keep you on the road, but it can also save money and prevent accidents. Here are five of the most important maintenance tips.

1. Tires

Yes, the tires are visible, and most truckers will walk around the rig and rod-pop the tires to make sure pressure is good before taking off on a long haul. However, tire pressure isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to truck tires. Because of the weight of your rig, tire alignment, balancing and rotation are important maintenance issues.

2. Fluids

There is more to keeping your fluid system healthy than checking the rig’s liquid amounts. Knowing current levels of the coolant, brake fluid and oil isn’t enough. There is also transmission fluid and the whole fuel structure to consider. Making sure you have a top-rated fuel system such as the airdog fuel pump will ensure the structure is running efficiently.

3. Filters

Air filters, cabin filters and oil filters are all essential to your health and the long life of your vehicle. Bugs, dirt, debris and dust can all collect in the air filtration fabrics, and metal particles can often be found in the oil filters. Change them frequently.

4. Radiator

The radiator fluid rushing through your machine is often ignored until warning signs of steam emerge. Flushing the system regularly can prolong your truck engine’s life and allow you to stay on the road instead of in the shop.

5. Machine

Your big rig is a machine, and as such, it needs to have all the nuts, bolts, wires, and clips checked at least twice a year. Although one loose nut may become a minor issue, major problems can result as those small problems occur in a central location. Taking time to schedule your truck maintenance during your downtime can save unexpected expenses and loss of work.

Whether you drive across town or move freight on long-haul runs, you depend on your truck. By ensuring you maintain your rig several times a year, you can keep it on the road. Don’t forget to install the best fuel pump and filters available to ensure you prolong your truck’s life. Take care of your truck, and it will take care of you.