What We Noticed First in the 2021 Hyundai Tucson Models?


The Hyundai Tucson model now has stepped into its current sixth edition. It has always secured a topmost position in the list of three row crossover SUVs, in respect of popularity. So, it is no wonder that with its release of this new 2021 model year edition, Hyundai will elevate all that was waiting for an upgrade. The fans of Hyundai admitted that their favorite brand has kept its promise in offering all that features that push the model ahead of many of its rivals.

The sellers at the Los Angeles Hyundai dealer, where we frequently pay visits to take a closer look at our favorite models, we you will find them focusing on came to know that the 2021 model year edition of Hyundai Tucson has got some exciting news to share with its onlookers. To start with we noticed the new exterior paint colors that looked simply fascinating on the Tucson models.

Changes Done Specially for the 2021 Model Year Lineup

With the recent release of the 2021 model year version of its flagship model series Tucson, Hyundai did some changes to the models, but certainly not to the lineup structure. Even this time, it is the same queue of SE, Value, SEL, Sport, Limited, and Ultimate models, that stack up more and more number of features on the higher levels, to justify the price hike.

What drew our attention next is the special bumper-to-bumper warranty of 5-years or 60,000-mile, whichever comes first. That was indeed a pleasant surprise for the 2021 Hyundai Tucson buyers, while it weighed more in respect of trust and reliability that Hyundai never fails to gather from its customers.

The Getup

The 2021 Hyundai Tucson models still look splendid even after carrying their old traditional approach towards the outward appearance and exterior getup. Most of the critics as well as its buyers specially appreciated this subdued look and to be very frank, it was yet another reason that we prefer this model over others.

To gather new generation buyers, the 2021 Hyundai Tucson offers a wide range of updated technologies installed at every point that can make the crossover make better moves and greater impressions.

As a midsize crossover, the 2021 Hyundai Tucson makes more than enough space to accommodate four to five adult occupants, while a maximum stretch of 61.9 cubic feet is spared for the cargo, after you agree to tumble down the last row of seats. But by default, you get 31 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, if all the seats are taken.

Drive Power

We were told by the LA Hyundai dealer that under the hood, one can order from the two variants of turbo engines offered for the 2021 model year lineup of Hyundai Tucson. Among them, the lower one makes 164-hp and is of 2.0-liter capacity, while the higher one with 2.4-liter capacity responds with 181-hp. Both the engines however get to team up with the same six-speed automatic transmission that offers graceful maneuverability, especially in trying situations.