Advanced Driver Assistance Features in Ford Cars


Automobile technology today has advanced with a handful of revolutionary changes that aims at safety, ease of driving and making driving more a pleasurable experience minimizing the risk factors and driving struggles. The philosophy was to ease out the stress of driving by making things easier and error-free for the driver.

Taking human errors to be inevitable, Ford has incorporated ways and means to protect the car occupants, as well as the street dwellers from grave accidents and has announced its ‘tripling investment’ for developing the latest driver assistance features that would also add up to the safety aspect.

Features at a Glance

These features are focused on making the methods of parking easier than ever before by avoiding impending collisions, slowing down or stopping the vehicles in emergency situations, by steering away from the obstacles, staying on the right lane and finally reaching the destination through the best route without getting lost in the way.

A Ford dealer helped us getting a closer look at what exactly Ford is implementing.

Traffic, Parking and Safety Alerts

Driving consists of three major conditions: Running or staying stationary in the traffic, parking in a slot and driving safely through the roads of different kinds in different weather and road conditions. To soar through all this, Ford has introduced few advanced driver assistance safety systems that includes the following:

Cross-traffic alert: This creates an alert for the driver about the surrounding objects people, animals and other vehicles that are either already there or are about to cross behind the vehicle.

Automatic Braking: The all new braking technology starts applying automatic brake if the driver is unable respond to the alerts. This prevents from collision, run overs and rolling overs in emergency situations

The traffic jam assist system: This helps the driver to stay at the center of the lane while the braking and accelerating systems automatically keep working to keep the desired pace and distance with the vehicle around and in the front.

Enhanced active park assist system: This works with the help of a new rear wide-view camera that gives a wide-angle view of the back of the vehicle scenario while helping the vehicle have a parallel and perpendicular parking at the light push of a button.

Traffic Flow Safety

The Evasive Steering Assist System is another new safety feature that is developed to steer around the stopped or slowed down vehicles to avoid collisions. The system operates in all driving conditions, be it in the cities or on the highways.

This safety system includes a wrong-way alert that uses a windshield-mounted camera paired with the navigation system of the vehicle and throws visual and audio warnings whenever the driver tends to drive against the traffic flow.

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Additional Driver Assistance Systems

There are a couple of more advanced safety systems to add. There is this spot lighting system that uses an infrared camera to detect the presence of other cars, pedestrians, cyclists and animals through an alert, and an advanced front light system, that widens up the headlight beam while intersecting and going through roundabouts as it can read and interpret the traffic signs with perfection.