Aluminium Extrusions – Profiles

Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium extrusion is an established manufacturing procedure that creates batches of components known as profiles. These have become invaluable to many different industries. The extrusion process is cost-effective and efficient.

Practical Profiles

Aluminium extrusion profiles are part of every day life. One of the most common uses is in construction where they are used for window frames which never warp, deteriorate or lose their appearance. Large buildings such as sports halls are frequently built around a frame of lightweight aluminium extrusion profiles enabling designers to implement innovative structures. Vehicles now include more aluminium extrusion profiles than ever. Originally used only for additional components such as radiator grilles and door handle, they are now being used for whole panels such as doors. Satellites and aeroplanes now contain large proportions of aluminium extrusion profiles which in such expensive industries are a welcome method of curtailing spiralling costs.

A quick and easy Technique

Aluminium extrusion profiles are produced from aluminium ingots that are heated until they are pliable. The aluminium is then processed through a mould that is highly complex and accurately made in order to produce profiles that are of superior quality and technical accuracy. As the profiles are cooling they can be manipulated into the correct alignment as they slip from the moulded template. The profiles have to be quenched to complete cooling, a process which helps to accentuate the hardened properties of the aluminium. The final part of the procedure sees the profiles being placed in a curing oven to be heated at an extreme temperature for a minimum of around twenty minutes. Once cool enough to handle the profiles can be assembled as required before being packed and delivered to the client.


Manufacturing aluminium extrusions profiles is a convenient process that actually enhances the properties of the metal improving features such as strength and corrosive resistance. The process is an economic one leading to cost-effective manufacturing for every designer of a variety of products. There are so many projects that can benefit from the use of aluminium extrusion profiles. They are a cost-effective method of manufacturing as the process is efficient and straightforward. Using an established manufacture ensures your project has the guidance of yeas of experience from selecting the right type of alloy to delivering the finished components. Edmo Limited produce aluminium extrusions for any number of profiles at affordable rates.