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Apollo Tyres produces tyre for cars as well as bikes and covers almost every segment of both of them. Under the SUV and 4X4 segment, one of the most popular tyres among the SUV owners is Apollo’s Apterra range of SUV tyres. The Apterra range of tyres has got three tyre variants, which are Apollo Apterra AT, Apollo Apterra HP and Apollo Apterra HT. The tyres are available in the sizes of 15, 16, 17 and 18 inches and are provided in several widths and rim diameter combinations. You can buy Apollo Apterra tyres online at the best price at TyreCafe. The whole Apollo Tyres Price List and Apollo Tyre Dealers List in India are available at this portal.

Given below are the features of Apollo Apterra Tyres.


APTERRA AT tyres by Apollo has been designed to give excellent grip on the tarmac as well as off-road terrains. Let’s look at the advantages of these tyres:

  • Excellent control – The tyre has a stiff block that gives stability and precise steering.
  • Great off-road performance – This presence of a large number of wide grooves gives the tyre a good grip on wet, mud and gravel terrains.
  • Durability – They have a unique tread design that prevents wear and tear on stones.


APTERRA HT tyres by Apollo are designed to deliver advanced steering and maximum durability. Let’s look at the advantages of these tyres:

  • Excellent grip on a wet and off-road surface – For improved safety on wet surface finite element analysis grooves and sipes.
  • Excellent durability – For great performance these tyres have been built with cut resistant tread.
  • Steering response – For precise steering, these tyres have stiffer blocks.


APTERRA HP tyres by Apollo come with advanced handling and superior braking. Let’s look at the pros of these tyres:

  • Excellent steering control – The shoulder design of this tyre has a firm optimized longitudinal rib that gives precision while steering.
  • Better dry braking – The presence of unique tread pattern and a high-quality rubber compound makes it a safe tyre with optimum dry braking.


Apollo Tyres has launched another edition of this tyre, known as Apterra– OWL (Outlined White Lettering) tyre. It is the brand’s first type of tyre to be introduced as a stylish SUV tyre. This tyre has been designed for SUV lovers. It is made for people who love to go for long rides. They look stylish and give an amazing look to the car.

This tyre has specially designed treads that make sure that the rider has a comfortable and safe journey in different types of conditions.

Advantages of using Apterra OWL

  • Superb grip on a dry and wet surface
  • Provides faster braking
  • High-quality rubber compound
  • Provides comfort on rough roads
  • Provides excellent safety

This was the detailed information about Apollo Apterra Tyre range. You can buy these tyres online at TyreCafe and avail a discount.