BookAclassic Leading the Industry in Classic Car Rental Services


London – Taking the industry by storm and offering the most complete vintage and exotic car rental platforms is no easy feat. Continuing to lead that industry in classic car rental services seems almost impossible for most companies but not for BookAclassic. By offering an incredible selection of vintage and exotic cars for rent, BookAclassic has created an online car rental platform that has become synonymous with selection, value and trust. What’s more, the experienced team at BookAclassic makes it easy to find and rent that specialty car you are looking for when you need wedding or special event transportation, a classic car to make your next holiday more memorable or you want to experience the thrill of driving an exotic car.

BookAclassic offers the largest collections of classic cars for rent in the UK and around the world from top brands including Lamborghini, Jaguar, Mercedes and more. With the tagline, “Life is too short for boring cars. ”, BookAclassic is committed to providing the ultimate classic or luxury car experience.

BookAclassic Offers an Experience You Won’t Soon Forget and It All Starts Right Here!

BookAclassic offers a unique language feature that enables customers to book the car of their choice in over 27 countries in their own native language. This feature makes it easy for anyone to book a classic car quickly and easily. Just select your country, choose a language and start your classic or exotic car experience in your own native language. This is just one more way BookAclassic shows their dedication to customer service and user experience.

Claus Stig Christensen, the founder of BookAclassic has stated, “We are an innovative company focused on providing a classic or luxury car experience that will ensure our customers’ satisfaction and help promote the vintage car industry positively and with pride.”

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The second largest classic car rent out company has half the cars BookAclassic has

Our tagline is “Life is too short for boring cars”

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