Car Maintenance Tips to Lower Your Owning Costs


Purchasing a car needs a heavy initial monetary investment, for which most buyers have to plan much in advance, save on their income and look for an investor, if it is not going to be an all-cash purchase. But owning the same car, isn’t a child’s play either. It does need a constant process of investment in the garb of maintenance and repair work, leave alone running it on the price hiked fuel. Here we aim to reduce that owning cost for the car owners through some simple car maintenance tips that will cut down the prices both on maintenance as well as fuel consumption.

Whether you wish to follow these tips all by yourself or take the help of an auto repair shop, the tips will help you equally.

Oiling Your Own Machine

That’s an old proverb, but right now the most relevant one in literal sense of the term, if you are a car owner. Though vehicles manufactured in these days not always need an oil change immediately after crossing 3,000 miles and can can travel even 7,500 miles before they ask you for a new filter should keep a watch on the filters at regular intervals to see if the condition is still favorable.

If you allow the oil drain out of the car even unknowingly, your engine will suffer. It will soon be destroyed, leading you to pay a large repair bill amount any time sooner or later.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid

The transmission is responsible to send the power of the engine to the drivetrain configured wheels. The transmission too needs to stay lubricated to execute it’s set of tasks.  If the transmission fluid dries up, it will take no time to hamper the entire functionality, which again is going to cost a huge amount at the repair shop. If you observe any metal shavings floating in the transmission fluid, or if it’s looks dark and cloudy in color, know that your car transmission fluid is asking for an immediate flush and refilling.

Learn the Dash Light Language

Your car speaks to you through its dashboard lights that display a “check engine” light for instance, if anything related to the engine and powertrain goes wrong. The light should usually be turned on when you key the engine and disappear in normal circumstances, but if it stays on forever, it is a sign of trouble, which can wither be small or big, but surely needs an immediate response from you. never ignore a dashboard light and know the language it speaks.

Take Care of the Tires

Like the oil change, even the car tires will tell you the same story. Though tires are meant to live longer, they need a recommended measure of air pressure to stay healthy. At the same time, rotating the tires in regular intervals will check their alignment, ease of movement as well as their treading health.

Ignoring the tire pressure and rotation schedules can leave you with a flat tire at the middle of your journey, while replacing them will again cost you more. On the contrary, healthy tires will move freely and ask for less fuel even after crossing longer distances.