Car Technology That Makes Driving Easier for Seniors


When we speak about automobile technology, the first focal point has been aimed at better safety. Though safety is a requirement for all, it is needless to say, that the senior citizens behind the wheels as well as those who are sitting at the rear seats need them more. This is because, ageing people struggle with slower response time and weaker physical agility. The problem rises up, as in most cases there would be no one to monitor their driving moves, when they move on wheels. At the same time, we can’t stop them from driving because their mobility is right in proportion to their mental health. For many aged people, driving becomes one of their primary action of independence.

Hence, according to the Kia dealer Pala Mesa experts, the only way to keep them safe, is providing them with the latest automobile technologies. That way, the need to exert their manual response to different driving challenges would be automatically reduced. Saying that, we mean to say that the senior people should be given the benefits of the latest automobile technology that would take care of their safety as well as comfort and convenience.

The Challenges in the Way

The idea of making them drive the latest technology car might sound an easy solution, but in reality, the implementation might not appear to be that smooth, as the earlier generation people won’t easily agree to let go of their old car memories and their habit of driving a manual car, through which they get to test their own driving abilities every day. In such cases, the only way out is upgrading their vehicles with as many sensors and cameras the car can accommodate with more driver assist features enabled in it.

Here are a few features to be installed in their cars, that can help them with different driving challenges as they grow older.

Keyless Entry and Ignition

Aged drivers tend to forget. They struggle with aiming. A keyless entry and ignition replacing the physical car keys might help them get away with the fumbling to start their vehicle. As in most cases, a keyless entry also tags along a remote climate control operation, it would be an added advantage for them to get in into a comfortably climate-controlled cabin.

Features for Comfort and Convenience

With the latest ergonomics we can actually help the older generation drivers to remain safe behind the wheel with the help of features like adjustable steering wheels and pedals, multi-position heated or cooled power seats with memory feature that can help reduce their fatigue and sudden discomfort.

Safety and Driver Assist Features to Check

While assigning them a car with better safety standards, the experts at the Kia dealer serving Pala Mesa suggests us to check out the following features and make sure to install them all.

  • Rearview Cameras
  • Lane-departure warning technology
  • 360-degree camera systems
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Automatic high beams
  • Low beam headlights for better nighttime visibility
  • Blind spot warning technology
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Drowsy-driver or attention alert systems
  • motorized trunk lids and liftgates  

The Bottom Line

With all these above-said technologies that are now available on a wide range of vehicles, we can be more relieved to see our older generation drive with more confidence and comfort on the road.