Guide to the truck bed lights


The truck bed lights offer many advantages. They serve a purpose, and without them, the trucks are not considered legal to drive. Apart from the functional use, they have a decorative aspect too; they make a truck look very beautiful. Before you think of installing truck bed lights, consider the following factors. More than the color and the brightness of the lights, you should ensure that they fit into the truck. So, you should focus on the length. Go for the light that has extra wiring.

Extra wiring is suitable for the massive truck beds though it creates trouble for the smaller trucks. You should consider voltage too. Most of the trucks have 12 V for matching the battery’s voltage. Check the durability of the lights. Consider the features, which can make it durable. Lighting pods protect the lights, and if they are durable, then the lights shall endure. This rule though does not hold true always. Some lights cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions, and they break irrespective of the durability of the pod. Ensure that the lights are shockproof, waterproof, and can survive in the extreme weather conditions. For more information on the truck bed lights, you can log onto

Size and shape

The truck bed lights are available in different shapes and designs. This is a good aspect because this way, you can customize the truck as per your requirement. You can opt for a strip lamp or a medium-sized, triangular light. You can also use the lights that are designed simply and have a classic look. The lights are thicker. You can also install the low-profile lights. You can choose something that can hide, and you can opt for something in the open. Everything affects the appeal of the truck. Also, think about the installation process of the lights.


Color is one crucial aspect that you should think before you make your final decision. Think whether you want a blue light or a white light or you want something funkier. Some of the companies offer lights that have 16 colors along with seven brightness levels. You can customize them according to your needs. If you are not sure about the color to choose, you can stick to the white and the blue colors. Blue and white are classic colors. Just ensure the color is compatible enough and goes with the truck.