Wild facts about semi-trucks

Have you ever thought of how the nature of semi-trucks is different from other vehicles? A semi truck can carry thousands of pounds as compared to the passenger cars. The entire nation remains charged with the semi trucks used to transport a variety of products, including foodstuff, electronic items, tools, and many raw materials. If you are an owner of a semi truck, you must ensure to give a call to the semi truck repair in Gainesville for maintenance purposes. 

To make you understand, we have compiled 10 astounding semi truck facts in a list. 

  • What’s the weight of a semi-truck

The limited weight of a semi-truck with a trailer in the United States is 80000 pounds. 18 wheels surround this weight. The semi-trucks are known as “Road Trains” in Australia, and they weigh over 300000 pounds. That’s because the roads are not so crowded in Australia as compared to the United States. 

  • What is the yearly travel time of truck drivers?

The drivers of a semi-truck cover about 140 billion total miles in a single year. Commercial truck drivers deliver over two-thirds of all the cargo in the United States. Almost 70 percent of all freight in the country is delivered by semi-trucks. Look for an eminent workshop on semi truck repair in Gainesville if your truck is causing problems. 

  • From where did they get their name?

The semi-trucks have got their name from the huge trailers attached to them. Since there are no front wheels in the trailers, they can only move with a truck’s help. Thus, they are known as semi-trucks. 

  • Are they fuel efficient?

The semi-trucks are not very much fuel-efficient. The average fuel consumption of a semi-truck is approximately 7 to 8 miles per gallon. The land on which the truck is running on and the load it’s carrying can affect the fuel efficiency. 

  • What leads to a semi-truck crash

The industry of trucks works intensely to improve the safety features of the semis every year. In the year 1997, ABS or anti-lock brake systems became compulsory. This feature provides safety to the drivers by preventing jack-knifing. Jack-knifing occurs when the rear wheels of an 18-wheeler lock up when the brakes are applied all of a sudden.  It can cause the trailer to swing at an acute angle around the cab. 

These were the things you should know about semi-trucks. Do share all the facts mentioned above with the truck drivers you know.  


What Builds Up the 2021 Model Year Edition of Honda Accord?

The year 2021 brought some significant changes to the automotive market, where the scenario witnessed a great change, especially in the changing taste and preferences of the buyers. Honda being a leading brand in the automotive industry contributed largely to this changing scenario, by upgrading its sedan models to make them competent enough to fight back the attack of the crossover models.

Accord which is an already well-reputed sedan model series from the house of Honda has become yet more compelling for the prospective buyers and are appearing to be much more intriguing. The 2021 Honda Accord that has elevated the segment of mid-size sedan models by diverting the crossover buyers towards itself. The 2021 Honda Accord with much-required changes, has got into a direct rivalry with the most popular sedan models like the Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima. According to the San Francisco Honda dealer, many of the buyers of these models are now preferring this Honda product, because of its good looks, high safety guards and good value.

Engine Output and Efficiency

The 2021 model year lineup of the Honda Accord series offers an interesting bunch of powertrain variants. At the base, there is a 1.5-liter turbo-4 engine that pairs with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Both together can squeeze out 192 horsepower. The base models of the 2021 Honda Accord are configured as front wheel drive.

Then there is a 252-hp making 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine present in the 2021 model year lineup of Honda Accord which can be ordered by the buyers, who want to have this optional upgrade. The current lineup also contains of a thrifty hybrid trim of the Honda Accord, that can raise 212-hp that is derived from a 2.0-liter inline-4 engine that works in collaboration with two electric motors. This trim can return a mileage of 48 mpg from a combined trip of city and highway drives.

However, no matter what is the powertrain combination the 2021 Honda Accord stays comfortable, mainly because of the clever driving dynamics which is duly supported with a spacious, and well laid-out cabin.

Safety Concerns

The 2021 Honda Accord model series attracted a greater crowd of car buyers with its strong line of safety measures. The list includes automatic emergency braking, active lane control, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, and other features like system of recognizing the traffic signs. All this helps the one who sits behind the wheels of the 2021 Honda Accord to refrain from committing common drive mistakes

Impact on the Automotive Market

The 2021 model year edition of Honda Accord series successfully could counter the increasing sales record of the utility vehicles, namely, the compact crossovers, with its impressive lineup of beautiful yet utility oriented sedan models. The famous San Francisco Honda dealership informed us that the popularity of 2021 Honda Accord is increasing every passing day. In other words it has revived he market for mid-size sedans that has suffered a down time last couple of years.


Service Tips for Truck Frames

Most trucks are built on a ladder-type frame that includes side rails and cross members. These components come into play while the truck is moving and they are subjected to three types of physical forces: vertical, torsional, and sideways.

Frame side rails provide support for vertical and side loads, such as the engine, transmission, fuel tanks, battery box, suspension, body and cab, cargo box and all that stuff that is in it.

Neutral Axis

The frame cross member provides rigidity against torsional, or twisting, forces. Cross members also provide support for the engine, transmission, and radiator. They also prevent the side rails from twisting with side loads like the fuel tank and battery box.

An article in Trailer-Body Builders notes that when a frame section is supported at each end and is properly loaded in the middle, the top is under compression and the bottom under tension. There is also a neutral axis where the frame is not stressed.

For purposes of identification, the vertical section of a frame rail is called the channel or web while the horizontal section is called the flange and it can be either the top or bottom of the rail or both. In a frame rail cross-section, the central area is called the centroid and the shear center is that point of a frame rail that can support a vertical load without collapsing.

Resist Bend Moment

Weight is considered a force when applied to the frame. Multiplying the weight times the distance from one point on the frame to another is used to determine the resist bend moment (RBM) and can be used to determine proper load positioning and the correct location for attachments or mounts. On most cargo trucks, the high-moment point is directly behind the cab while on a semi-tractor, for example, the RBM is closer to the forward drive axle.

When repairing a truck frame, take care to avoid bending, scratching, or otherwise damaging the exposed frame while lifting or moving. Cushioning hoists or slings with a rubber hose or similar material against the frame is advised.

Drilling holes or welding along the neutral axis will not affect frame strength to a great degree. However, frame manufacturers restrict and advise service techs against drilling holes or welding near the flanges because that could lead to frame failure. Likewise, not more than two vertically aligned holes should be drilled in the channel while cuts and welds should always be on a diagonal.


Is Your Teenager Son Now Ready to Learn Driving?

For most teenagers, learning to drive the car at this age is the most appropriate time, however, many parents may not be serious about their rights. As a result, many teens take their own initiative and join a driving school and try to learn driving and get passive support from their parents. 

In Australia, car crashes are one of the leading reasons for deaths, particularly among teenagers. Therefore, the rate of car insurance for these newly qualified driving license holders are also quite high, due to the higher risk factor considered by various insurance companies.

Quite a few of the 16-year-olds may plead their parents to help them get driving lessons, but not all of them may not be fully ready for learning how to drive. Most young drivers may not have any idea how difficult it is to learn, and how much time they need to devote to learn lessons, and also focus and concentrate on driving.

AAA has therefore introduced this new keys2drive free lessons, which are meant for the new drivers and also their parents and supervisors together. LTRENT also offers its services through trained and accredited instructors available with them.


To be eligible to undergo driver’s training the candidate must be at least 16 years of age or older and must hold a learner driver’s license offered in Australia. Also, the supervising driver and parents must hold a valid Australian driver’s license.

What is needed?

  • The complete personal details of the learner driver
  • A valid email ID of the learner
  • Mobile phone number of the learner driver 
  • Learner’s permit number
  • Supervising licensed driver who may be a parent, friend, or any family member.

How to book?

  • Visit the website and select the button ‘Book online’ 
  • Enter the entire details that are asked and select the button ‘Register Now’.
  • You will get a text message with the free lesson ID.
  • You can select your keys2drive instructor.
  • Contact your instructor and quote the free lesson ID.
  • You can book a necessary time for you and also your supervising driver.

What is involved?

As soon as the topic of driver’s education courses or talk about written tests is mentioned for obtaining a driver’s license then it can put off many teenage drivers. Most teenagers often consider all these lessons as too ‘boring’ stuff. The idea of learning about road signs, road rules, and what one should do or not-to-do during an emergency. 

Usually, most teenagers have got absolutely no idea about the costs of buying a car, and how much costs are involved in maintaining a vehicle, and also how expensive it may be for basic repairs or maintenance. 

Few teenagers may beg for learning driving lessons, and after that, they totally lose their interest after driving once or twice. Quite a few of them may also be too nervous to even take their very first lesson after they are asked to sit behind the wheel for the first time. 

This is where the necessity of driving school arises who can offer necessary orientation to learners. The teenagers need to be slowly inducted into driving so that they are not nervous and feel more comfortable while driving. 


What Genesis Has to Offer in its 2021 Model Year Lineup

If you have ever heard of the compliment “Athletic Elegance”, it might be talking about a series of luxury cars that are released from the house of Genesis.  Genesis after diverting its way from Hyundai emerged itself in making exemplary luxury car models and continues to do so to date. The current year 2021 witnesses a series of luxury automobile products from Genesis that has emerged as an emblem of elegant sculptures that are capable of offering a level of in-car luxury, one can dream of. 

When we visited the premise of the Moreno Valley Genesis dealer, we got to see each of the 2021 models of Genesis that was much of a crowd, but a decent one. We got to explore all the models, that included the 2021 editions of G70, G80, G90, and GV80. Among them, while the first three were unique sedan models fringing into the border of sports cars, the last one exhibited a refined model of crossover SUV that offered a host of luxury features, humbly called as utility ones. 

What is Found Common in All?

If you look at the 2021 edition lineup of Genesis, you see the above-mentioned models standing with the same signature grille adorning their faces. They all follow the same hexagonal rules and begets you more or less the same number of luxury tweaks that reach an unparalleled level of refinement. Be it the lofty craftsmanship, or the perfected finishing at every corner, the 2021 Genesis models had everything in place, and that is the basic common factor found in all of them.

Quality of the Luxury Rides

Genesis is the luxury wing of Hyundai rewards its customers with a sense of gratifying ride experience. Each of the 2021 Genesis cars come draped in rich yet durable materials. The touch of these materials, all joining hands to create a luxurious and warm environment, make you feel valued and respected. 

Genesis models that got released for the year 2021 got in them the perfect balance between utility factors and touches of luxury. Genesis evolved into this stage of perfection after paying due respect to the demands and suggestions of its users. The brand nevertheless has taken a vow to meet the expectations of its supporters who exhibit elite taste and preferences.  

Riding a 2021 Genesis model will equal to entering a sanctuary of peaceful silence. The cabins caged inside the beautiful structure of 2021 Genesis models show exceptionally beautiful family spaces, that invite you into their warm and cozy seats. The Genesis cars stay blissfully quiet even while passing through the noisiest places. 

Wrapping it Up

A renowned auto expert whom we met at the Genesis dealer near Moreno Valley, has defined the 2021 Genesis vehicles that are meant to last a lifetime. They are purposefully designed to deliver a stress-free and luxury-soaked experience to all. While driving a 2021 Genesis model will instigate the person to sit behind its wheels, again and again, same will be the experiences of the riders, who would love to spend some quality time inside these luxurious couches of the 2021 Genesis models.


The Pros And Cons Of Buying An Expensive Car

Oh, the mirage of expensive cars! So many of us dream about them and for a few lucky ones, the dream will even turn into reality. But in a world tormented by economic and financial disturbances, where no one can predict what tomorrow might bring, is it wise to invest a lot of money in expensive car brands?

Many times, we see people spending a lot of money on a vehicle, money that they cannot even afford to spend without a bank loan. But buying a car is just the first step while owning and maintaining it will come with added costs. And while reading some trusted car care reviews can help you learn how to take adequate care of your vehicle, there are also other aspects you should have in mind before spending all your hard-earned money on a new car. In this post we will look at some of the pros and cons of owning an expensive car, to help you decide how much is worth spending on the vehicle of your dreams.

Expensive Cars – PROS

Good Experience – Top of the list is a better all-around riding experience. Expensive car brands don’t just build a vehicle that can take you from A to B. They build a whole experience that is meant to make you want to spend all your time driving. Powerful high-end cars have luxurious interiors, modern exterior aesthetics, fast acceleration, and top speeds, and there is no question that plenty of heads will be looking your way when you sit in the driver’s seat.

Dependable – There is nothing worse than a sudden mechanical failure in the middle of nowhere. While all cars can break, typically owning an expensive one with less mileage, equals less grief. 

Longevity – Expensive cars last longer, and generally hold better resale value.

Quality – Top car brands spend a lot of money and time on researching how to build cars that operate better, have smoother shifting, and better braking. 

Expensive Cars – CONS

Buying one is pricey – To make sure you will not exceed your family’s budget and risk not having enough money for other expenses, never spend more than 10% of your annual gross income on purchasing a new car.

High ownership costs – Not only buying a new car from a reputable brand will cost you a lot of money, but most of the time, luxury cars come with features, parts and systems that can drive up the long-term ownership costs. Replacing and maintaining them can get pricier than the average mainstream vehicle driver is used to.  

Expensive coating repair – Replacing pain bodywork on a luxury car can sometimes end up costing you more than the price of an average vehicle. To prevent paint damage, never wash your vehicle at an automatic car wash and invest in a high-quality ceramic coating like Nexgen Ceramic spray to protect your car’s paintwork.

You are more exposed to theft – Theft of expensive vehicles is a big business worldwide. To keep yours safe it’s best to only keep it parked inside a garage, or if you don’t own one, check out some car cover reviews and pick one that is best suited for your car.


The way wearing a helmet can help you avoid a collision

It is very interesting to learn the way a helmet can help you avoid a collision. When talking about motorcycle gears that you can wear for your safety during a ride, they are several – such as long-sleeved jackets, ankle long gloves, footwear, and different other clothing items. Of course, they save your body parts, but they cannot save your life.


The only gears that can save your life

The only gears that can save your life are AGV Helmets. Aside from the use of motorcycles for covering the distance from A to B, motorcyclists ride motorcycles for leisure & sports purposes. The importance of wearing AGV Helmets is quite obvious from an increase in the number of motorcycle crashes in the countries where helmets are rarely used.

Traveling by a motorbike

Traveling by motorbike serves the three basics objectives. Once, people ride bikes to get from A to b. Motorcyclists use their motorcycles for sports such as motorbike racing. The third use of this dangerous vehicle is having a recreational trip. You may have an opinion about AGV Helmets of your own but nothing can beat the protection that can provide in the face of an accident.

Vegetative state

The helmets not only help you prevent serious injuries but also save your life. The studies show that people who are often left with a vegetative state are those that do wear any helmets. Wearing a helmet while riding can help avoid such a vegetative state.

Wind noise during the ride

It is not that you are certainly going to have an accident, so you are going to wear a helmet. There are many other benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet. I wear my motorcycle helmet simply because it cuts down on wind noise that you do not like. Always wear a motorcycle helmet with a visor.


5 Signs It’s Time to Junk Your Car

Americans like their cars, and it’s hard to let go. More than 23% of Americans feel their car is special with a certain je ne sais quoi about them.

Other surveys go even further, saying that 70% of owners are either very or somewhat attached to their car and 30% feel it’s an “old friend.” It’s true, Americans love their cars, though the love is diminishing. There are signs that you must, at times, junk your car and hand over the keys of your trusty, dusty, companion.

Want to know the top five signs to let go and junk your car? Keep reading to find out!

The Repairs Won’t Stop

It’s never cool to be out of commission often due to repairs. If you’re on a first-name basis with the mechanics at your local shop and the rental car desk, it’s a prime sign that it’s time to consider if you can get money for junking your car.

Constant repairs cost you time, money, and never occur at a convenient time.

It’s Getting to Be Expensive

Not only are constant repairs expensive, but a worn-out car also costs more in gas and oil. The cost of common car parts and new tires is about $1000 per year. The average cost of fuel is about 11.6 cents per mile, but as the engine gets more worn it has to work harder to do the same things it used to — kind of like us!

By the tenth year of ownership, car care will cost you about $6000 a year in maintenance, fuel, and insurance.

You Can See Through the Floorboards

If there’s no better reason than typing “junk my car” into Google, it’s physical damage and deterioration. Rust looks bad, but it’s also disintegrating the safety features of your car. The body is designed to crumple to dissipate energy — rusting panels and structure crumbles instead.

Corroded brakes, rusting exterior, chalky plastic dashboards, and seats that are falling apart are a very visible sign you should junk your car for money.

No Longer Fits Your Needs

Is your old 2010 Chrysler Town & Country no longer transporting kids around to school and sports practice? Time to junk your car for cash and get the zippy car you always wanted. No more kids are on your insurance and you don’t have to worry about them scratching the cherry red paint!

Cars are our companions, but we often buy them for a specific purpose. If you’re retired from construction and don’t need a big pickup truck anymore, or the kids are grown up, the purpose you bought them for is over.

It Lacks Essential Safety Features

Lastly, it can save lives. From the mid-2000s onwards safety features have been appearing and getting better from year to year. If your car listed seat-belts as a “major” safety feature or first-generation airbags, sell your junk car today.

It’s Time: Junk Your Car

Cars are companions and friends, but sometimes they need to be retired.

We know it’s hard, but it’s time to junk your car if you struggle with any one of these top reasons. Don’t let your car suffer from old age any longer, let it go to the open roads in the sky while you can still make some cash.

Taxi BMW is here to help you through any auto-related questions you have, especially buying and selling. Did you learn something and want to know more?

Keep browsing today for the answer!


Scrap Car In Singapore Value Determinants

Have you heard that a scrap car in Singapore company will pay you for your old vehicle? That hunk of junk rusting away in the driveway could be worth several thousands of dollars in components and scrap metal. Even if it’s just worth a couple of hundred dollars, does not it really feel amazing to get rid of old junk and obtain a beautiful cash prize in return?

How to Make the Most Scrap Value of a Vehicle

Before heading out to the junkyard or calling that interested customer, it’s important to do your best to make that old vehicle luster.

There are plenty of pointers and tricks for how to transform a sight that made eyes irritated into a gleaming treasure, and we’ll reveal a few of them below. Besides, the more stunning your junked vehicle is, the even more money it’ll fetch!

Check for prices of metals on the market

However, bear in mind that the rate of metals depends considerably on the need. However, now the supply is high while demand is lowered.

The demand relies on how whether car business are making cars and building construction is low. This suggests the price of light weight aluminum and steel is low.

Before you sell your automobile, take a look at the present rates of metal. They differ daily. They also differ relying on where you are in the country.

You want to guarantee you get the best automobile scrap worth possible.

A Driveable Automobile deserves A Lot More

If your automobile is still driveable, you’re going to have a higher automobile scrap value for it.

That’s due to the fact that there will not be any type of towing entailed. It sets you back cash for a business to come to your home or organization to pick up and tow away your car.

While they do tow cars at all times, conserving their time and a little of money will assist raise the overall car scrap value for your car.

Likewise, an automobile that still runs is a lot more preferable to auction customers. They frequently are wanting to purchase cars to refurbish and after that re-sell.

Nevertheless, you must recognize that unless your vehicle remains in superb form, your car will more than likely be sold as part of a group of cars at public auction. That will lower the quantity of money your automobile deserves.

Clean and Wipe Down Whatever

Certain, washing the exterior is a great way to make a lemon luster. However, you must not fail to remember to clean down interior surface areas with cleaning items and fresh towels.

Vacuuming alone will not damage built-up dirt or gunk, but a strong wipe-down will. A bit of effort and a few moist toilettes can likewise aid to improve air quality within the automobile.

A couple of squirts of fabric freshener additionally does not harm– unless you’re working with a leather interior, obviously.


5 Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Dying

What is one of the most irritating situations you can find yourself in? How about sitting down in your car, turning the ignition, and… nothing happens. This is especially frustrating when you’re in a hurry or running late for something.

Did you leave the dome light or headlights on overnight? Do you have to call roadside service to help jumpstart your car? Keep reading to learn how to determine which clues point to a bad car battery so you don’t find yourself in this aggravating situation.

How to Know if You Have a Bad Car Battery: 5 Signs

Some signs of a bad car battery are more obvious than others. Know how to tell when your battery may need to be replaced by recognizing these signs.

The Battery Is Old

Batteries will drain naturally over time with regular wear and tear. According to AAA, car batteries typically last around 3 years (but can last up to five years in colder climates). If you can’t remember when you last replaced the battery, look for the round, manufacturer’s sticker on the battery case that will display the date.

Pay Attention To The Lights In Your Car

The lights in your car can give you tell-tale signs regarding your car’s behavior, including your battery. If you notice your headlights, dome lights or interior lights are much dimmer than usual, it may be because your battery doesn’t have enough juice to power all the electronic components and could be on a fast track to its demise. Also, if your dashboard lights work but the car won’t start, this is a red flag pointing at a bad car battery.

Your check engine light is an all-inclusive light, telling you that something isn’t right with your car. If you see this light come on, include your battery in your list of things to check.

Your Car Starts Slowly

Starting your car should be immediate upon turning the ignition. If your car appears to be struggling to start, this is a typical sign of a failing battery. This could also be a symptom of a malfunctioning starter or alternator but check the battery first, as it’s the easiest and cheapest replacement solution.

The Battery Is Corroded

You can easily see if the battery is corroded. Lift the hood and if your battery has a blueish-green film on the terminals, battery acid is leaking. This film will make the connection with the terminals more difficult.

You can remove the corrosion with a toothbrush or towel to buy some time, but note that you will need to replace the battery sooner than later. Learn more about battery corrosion.

The Smell of Sulfur

If you smell sulfur (more commonly described as the smell of rotten eggs). This usually means your battery is leaking fluid. This usually happens in older batteries that are ready to be replaced.

Stay On The Road With A Healthy Battery

These are only a few clues on how to tell if a car battery is bad. Be proactive, know the signs and you can avoid a bothersome situation that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. For more information on how to spot a bad car battery or car care and repair, check out our blog.