Chevrolet reveals the First-Ever Full-Size Lego Silverado


All of us loved to build different things with Lego blocks when we were young, right? But a team of few Chevrolet professionals and students from the Oxford Community School’s “First Lego League” and Detroit’s Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary’s “A World in Motion Program” recently revealed a full-sized LEGO Silverado. It was unveiled at an international auto show held in North America.

The Lego model is the Silverado is an exact copy of the brand new 2019 Silverado 1500 Trail Boss. The size and dimensions of the replica are the same as that of the original vehicle. If you are interested in checking the new Silverado 1500, then visit the Lancaster Chevrolet dealer showroom.

Why was this LEGO Silverado built?

The audience was surprised to see that the whole model was built only with the help of Lego blocks. But why was this made? The Lego Silverado was built for a reason. It is a brilliant partnership between two famous companies – Chevrolet and Warner Bros. The collaboration began in 2017 when “The LEGO Batman” was released, and Chevy designed the LEGO Batmobile. The primary objective to create a life-size Silverado with Lego blocks wad to market the new Silverado to a broader audience uniquely and innovatively.

The fans of Lego movies were delighted to hear that a custom version of the Chevrolet Silverado High Country will also make an appearance in “The LEGO Movie 2” that is scheduled to launch on February 8. We won’t share many details about the movie for now, but you can expect an action-packed movie with the heroes of “LEGO Movie” reuniting once again to save their city from invaders.

Sandor Piszar, director of Chevrolet Truck marketing, was happy to state that “Chevrolet is delighted to work with Warner Bros. Pictures once again into a new venture that the audience will love to watch. With the help of Chevrolet’s new power-packed Silverado 1500, the Lego heroes will be ready to fight with the invaders”.

Fun Facts About the Lego Silverado

The LEGO Silverado has surely excited the people about the upcoming Lego movie and Chevrolet’s own Silverado truck. But this replica was not built in a day. It took some great efforts of men and women who worked relentlessly. Here are some fun facts that you should know about it.

  • The Lego Silverado model weighs at 3,308 pounds. It is 72 inches (6 feet) high, 240 inches (20 feet) long and 96 inches (8 feet) wide.
  • A total of 334,544 handpicked LEGO bricks were used to create this fantastic replica.
  • The Red 2×8 LEGO brick is the most commonly used item in the whole model.
  • It took almost 2000 hours or 84 days to complete the whole model.
  • Lego Master Builders in the Lego Group’s Model Shop in Enfield, Connecticut is the place where this brilliant LEGO Silverado was made.

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