Reason Why You Should Spend More Time to Choose the Color of Your Car.


There are those out there from the word go they have in mind a color for their favorite car. From the time they were kids they knew I would like own a red car. Then there is the rest of us, and before I continue we are the majority, don’t feel alone.  You cannot really settle on any specific color. Picking a good color for your car feels like a struggle.  It a good thing, choosing the best color of your car goes beyond just having a preferred shade. It is totally right to spend more time before you settle on a color.

Personal Preference

Regardless how we may try to persuade you to take another color, if you want a blue you still prefer it over the other colors. From my point of view, anyway it does not matter you still want that blue car, I respect that, moving on to other factors. Do you want to rent a car? That is blue obvious.

Here are some highlight I would like to share

There is a concept called color symbolism. This is to say certain colors give off meaning. Here are some you should know.

Black, it give you an air of sophistication, roam the city streets with a black car and it displays a mystery character.

Blue it shows confidence, when it comes to dark blue it takes the confidence a, level higher, showing integrity and stability.  It is for the same reason it mostly common within the disciplined forces.

Red it makes the bulls angry, it is a color of aggression. Perfect for a sports car that roar with power and speed. For those who would like a car to look expensive red should be the color of choice.

White, it brings out an impression of purity and innocence, you know why it common in weddings. It is an inviting color to on lookers.  Ironically being a color of purity it shows dirt easily.

Resale Value

The color of your car has a great impact on the value if at all you would consider to sell it later. Colors carry along psychological and cultural aspects. This can be seen on some major brands that portray a certain mood and attitude. With that said there are certain colors which draw customers closer and you can easily own them.

Top Selling Car Shades

Let’s start by stating the best-selling colors are white, black and silver.  This is not fact of a certain region but worldwide these are the best-selling colors. Those that are colored green, brown or anything close are the bottom in the car sales. With that said it is good to base your decision on what is common if you are planning to buy and use the car for short run and resell it later.

Bird Dropping

As we treat cars like treasures, birds while they up in the air see them as toilets. You are wondering how this is related to colors.  It has been scientifically proven that birds prefer to release their droppings on cars with certain colors. Studies indicate that birds see reflective color as a threat and respond using their rear ends. With that said you know what to expect if you choose red or blue color while live in the “forest”.