Does the 2020 Ford Edge Make an Ideal Crossover SUV?


The 2020 Edge is a crossover SUV model from Ford that makes it clear the difference that lies between each car type. It shows how a compact car is different from the mid-size ones, and how value packed cars are different from luxury models. in other words it will remind you why the segment of crossover SUV has emerged and is overshadowing the other types, by literally following every rule that the crossovers wanted to establish.

The 2020 Ford Edge is a crossover SUV that brings the best world of both the car types of compact and mid-size, offering the best possible comfort like a compact car, while delivering a roaring power on the roads like an SUV. in all this, it has not forgotten to clip in the most impressive list of tech features that makes it called as one of the most ideal SUVs that is made available at a palatable price. According to a sales staff who serves at one of the prestigious showrooms of the Calexico Ford dealer, the 2020 ford Edge has made its place secure in this over saturated segment of crossover SUVs simply by offering what it should.

Refreshment for the 2020 Model Year Release

For the year 2020 ford has slightly refreshed the lineup of its Edge series that includes standardizing few features like dual-zone climate control on all the trim models while introducing an optional Titanium Elite package to enhance the looks of the models with  and chrome accents for the exterior 20-inch polished wheels and a specially crafted interior with leather upholstery.

The lineup for the 2020 continues to be the same as its last year series that counts SE, SEL, Titanium, and ST trims staircasing the models from being affordable to affluent.

Outward Appearance

The 2020 Ford Edge is now looking fresh with a recently done face, but it carries behind the same old body, that however didn’t meddle with its overall sharp look. Its state-of-the-art design makes it stand amongst the most appreciated contemporary models.

Inside Comfort and Utility

Inside the 2020 Ford Edge five hefty adults can sit comfortably, while its abundant cargo space measuring about 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space while dropping down the second-row seats can open up to 73.4 cubic feet to load heavy and bulky items when required.

The level of comfort rises higher when you choose the top of the tier Titanium trim models as it wraps the cabin in fine leather and delicate chrome trim, with loads of tech offered as standard and available.

Rugged Performer

When it comes to performance, the 2020 Ford Edge will really show an edge over other crossover models with its powerful engine combination. Even the Base versions get an abundant 250 count of horsepower to tackle the road disturbances that is derived from a turbo-4 engine. Then there is a 335-hp making powertrain available as well that uses a twin-turbo engine.

With these powerplants loaded under their hood, each of the 2020 For Edge handles the vehicle with sharp responses.

As rightly commented by a Ford Edge user at the Calexico Ford dealership showroom, this crossover sets a good example of how a crossover SUV should be like.